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Privacy: A Manifesto

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Wolfgang Sofsky, Princeton University Press, £11.95

Wolfgang Sofsky, a celebrated German sociologist, intends his tract as a warning against a growing threat to the very notion of the private sphere, whose erosion represents an insidious "totalitarianism". Describing a day in the life of an apparently typical citizen, Sofsky outlines the variety of ways in which he is constantly scrutinised, from CCTV to the gathering of private data by companies and online activity by Internet Service Providers.


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Director: Sylvester Stallone; Release date: out now

Rambo is an unwittingly comedic film about "humanitarian intervention". Its director, Sylvester Stallone, chose not to set the film in Iraq or Afghanistan because it would be "an insult to the men who are fighting". Instead Rambo is in Thailand, somewhere near the Burmese border, working on a longboat.

Sudan: A Young Imperialist's Guide to Darfur


The crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan is once more in the news. George Clooney and US ambassador to the United Nations (UN) John Bolton formed a bizarre alliance to call for Western intervention into the crisis recently.

Reebok has sponsored a video game about it. US liberal intellectuals are certain that this would be the occasion for a truly "good" war, but despite the acreage of coverage you would be doing well to understand what is happening in Darfur.

The Brutalisation of the Working Class

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Dave Treece's excellent article on Brazil (June SR) highlights a crucial part of the story of global capitalism.

US activist and writer Mike Davis has recently highlighted demographic reports suggesting that the bulk of the world's new population will emerge in slums in the Global South. In Brazil, an enormous urban corridor stretching from Rio to São Paulo is emerging, mimicking the trend towards increasing urbanisation without significant economic growth.

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