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Rory Hearne finds that no matter where you go in Venezuela, people are desperate to talk about 'their revolution'. Here are a few people who shared their thoughts with him.

Nene Guijano
Social worker in the barrios

'I am a former guerrilla who fought in the Nicaraguan mountains in the 1960s. Today I work in the barrios to defend the Venezuelan revolution.

Contrary to what the right wing opponents of Chavez are saying, there is no totalitarianism here. Chavez has even allowed those who tried to violently overthrow his government to go free.

Factory Occupation at Invepal

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'In this factory there are no bosses. We believe that we should all be leaders.'

Invepal is a paper factory about 100 miles outside Caracas. Workers there have taken over the factory and forced the state to finance its day to day development. It is currently in co-management, whereby the workers own 49 percent of the company and the state 51 percent. Not content with this, the workers have declared that they want to reach 100 percent worker ownership. I spoke to two Invepal workers - Alexis Pereira, who is an electrician, and Alexis Polanco, who works in the chemical sector of the factory:

After Florence: from Resistance to Revolution

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The fallout from the European Social Forum (November SR) is huge.

The organisers of the ESF estimated that attendance would be around 20,000 for the forum and 150,000 for the demonstration. In fact 57,000 signed up for the first European Social Forum, and 1 million marched against capitalism and war.

The anti-capitalist movement has shown incredible resistance and strength despite many of the pessimistic words and thoughts of those on the left. Only a year and a half after the violent repression suffered in Genoa, the movement has responded in the most spectacular fashion.

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