Ruth Tenne

Combatting the Strangulation of Palestine


Western governments have so far refused to recognise the Palestinian Hamas government democratically elected in January 2006.

Economic aid to the Palestinian government was curtailed and Israel is unlawfully withholding tax and customs revenue due to the PA (£35 million per month). Likewise, foreign bank accounts and financial transactions by the Palestinian Authority have been frozen, and frequent blockades of border crossings between Egypt, Jordan and Israel are causing Palestinian trade to collapse, leaving the Palestinians without basic food and medicines.

Traumatic Country

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Review of 'The Other Side of Israel', Susan Nathan, Harper Collins £18.99

Susan Nathan's book is a gripping and fascinating account of her life in Tamra - a town of 25,000 Israeli Arabs situated in Galilee. She transcends her daily experience through a polemical discourse expressing her anguish and disillusion with the realities of the Arab-Israeli divide and the discrimination she has encountered throughout her daily life.

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