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Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an unemployed thief who becomes a freelance video journalist to escape a life selling scrap metal.

With the aid of a police scanner and a car he is first to the scene of crimes, films the immediate aftermath and sells the footage to a local news channel.

While ostensibly a crime thriller, the real tension doesn’t come from the crimes, but from Bloom’s increasing desperation to appease the demands of news editors.

Generation Yes

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The Scottish referendum provided a unique opportunity for young people in Scotland to get involved in politics.

Despite the defeat on 18 September, the grassroots nature of the Yes campaign has meant that these activists are not going away. The youth of Scotland is politicised, angry and already fighting for a better world. Thousands of young people were at meetings and on the streets discussing how to scrap Trident, end austerity and protect free education.

Poverty in Scotland 2014

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Poverty in Scotland 2014 is not only the title of the latest book published by a coalition of poverty groups but also the daily reality for over 280,000 Scottish workers.

With the possibility of independence coming closer, debates over the efficiency and ideology of the welfare state have become central to both the Yes and No campaigns. While the book is at pains to remain neutral on the referendum, it offers an interesting take on what independence may look like.


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