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Brother Ali tour

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Brother Ali opens his most famous tune, Uncle Sam Goddamn, with an invitation into his USA: "Welcome to the United Snakes/Land of the thief, home of the slave".

In this song Ali relentlessly lays bare the contradictions of the American dream by turning it into a nightmare, guiding the audience through the hypocritical self-representation of the world's "imperial guard".

Ali, who will be performing in London this month, is part of a new generation of political hip hop artists. Miles away from the bling of the mainstream, he stands in the poetic tradition of Talib Kweli or Mos Def, with the hard hitting politics and personal accounts of Immortal Technique or Vinnie Paz.

Global Slump

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David McNally

In this short and powerful account of the current crisis of capitalism David McNally achieves a couple of things in a surprisingly short space.

Firstly he makes the crisis, and the processes within capitalism that led to it, understandable to readers without dumbing down his anlysis, using straightforward sarcastic language. McNally captures the absurdity of those running the system and how they are dominated by the logic of capital. The developments of capitalism in the last century are laid bare.

Student Protest Ignites the Fight

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It will take some time for us to judge the full meaning of the 10 November demonstration accurately. But it is worth reflecting on how it has changed the dynamics of both the student movement and the labour movement at large.

Photo: Geoff Dexter

The demonstration saw over 50,000 people march in an inspiring show of strength through London. This was not only the largest demonstration about education since 1987 but it also ended with an explosion of anger when thousands broke away from the central march to bring their anger to the doorstep of the Tory party headquarters at 30 Millbank.

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