Soren Goard

Boots Riley: The Coup and the revolution

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How did you become involved in music and politics?

Growing up in Chicago and then Detroit and Oakland, my family were all interested in radical organising, so I was a political organiser from the age of about 14 and 15. At that time my musical inspiration was Prince, when everyone else in my school was just interested in rap. Through political organising I began to see instances that showed me how music can be a rallying point in campaigns and movements.

You were active in Occupy Oakland - can you tell us what you learnt?

Alienation: an introduction to Marx's theory

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Dan Swain

Daily experience can be pretty depressing. Whether it's the monotony of cleaning loos, the pride you're forced to take in your unrewarding job, the prospect of avoidable environmental collapse or even just the mindless depravity of the Kardashian family, life seems ever less connected to our own agency and individuality. This is the basis of Dan Swain's new book, which tries to identify the way in which Karl Marx's understanding of alienation threads through his life's work.

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