Tim Knight-Hughes

More on robots, please

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There has been a series of articles in the media on the issue of robots and automation becoming much more sophisticated. Some of the articles claim this could lead to many jobs disappearing. I have recently started a new job for an insurance company. In the first month we were told by management that they are looking to automate certain tasks. They of course told us everything would be fine, but I’m not an idiot — that is going to mean jobs.

Why read State Capitalism in Russia?

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Many people still associate socialism and especially Marx's version of socialism with the brutal Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union.

Tony Cliff's book State Capitalism in Russia has enabled us to explain why the horrific crimes committed by the Stalinist regime had nothing to do with socialism. Instead Cliff argued that Russia under Stalin's rule became a particular form of capitalist society, state capitalism, locked into competition with its rivals in the West.

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