Tim Smith

Collective Punishment: The Opium of the Occupier

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It was confirmed recently that US military commanders travelled to Israel In January this year to learn about urban warfare from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

A US general confirmed the visit had taken place in the US forces magazine Army. Discussing the visit with Reuters, Harvey Perritt, a spokesman for US training and command, said, 'There is a fair amount of military intellectual discussion that goes on between the US army and the IDF.'

War and Resistance: A Perversion of Justice

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Britain is colluding in torturing prisoners from the Afghan war.

The British government claims to act as a restraining force on the US military at Guantanamo Bay, but this is far from the truth.

Last month, in a deeply cynical move, the British attorney general, Peter Goldsmith, claimed to have won concessions on the two British Guantanamo Bay detainees, Feroz Abbasi and Moazzam Begg. He announced that the US government had agreed not to seek the death penalty against the two men.

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