Tales from the Tabloids

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Can we rely on press reports of the war in Afghanistan?

There is another battle going on that is a long way from the bombings and fighting on the frontline. This is the fight to dictate public opinion through the control and manipulation of the media. We are all familiar with the terms and phrases used by government ministers and defence officials who try to sanitise some of the horrific effects of war. In order for the government to keep the public on board and support for the war high, it has to make sure the right message gets out and any critical comment is kept to a minimum.

Labour and the Unions: United We Stand?

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There is a growing radicalisation amongst workers in Britain.

'Socialism was meant to have been consigned to the dustbin of history...Yet today in Britain the far left is on the march again...' This is the voice of the 'Daily Mail'. In an article headlined 'March of the hard-left: The comrade, the cockney and the revolutionary--how the return of the militants threatens to bring back the crippling days of strike chaos', Leo McKinstry argues, 'Strikes and protests are back. Anti-capitalist voices are continually heard on the airwaves and in print.


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