Socialist Review issue

April 2003 #273

The new American century


by Editorial

This was not how Bush and Blair said it would be. It is already clear that the 'short sharp shock' that we were promised is now giving way to a...

by Andrew Stone

In the past few weeks tens of thousands of school students have made an extraordinary entrance into political activism. On the day war broke out...

Political correctness myths - Blunkett takes on children - No insurance in the Tower of London

There may be profits to be made from securing control of Iraq oilfield at the end the war, but US companies are already cashing in as they queue...

Having failed to steamroller the United Nations Security Council into supporting its invasion of Iraq, the US has created a tinpot 'coalition of...

Welcome to our 25th anniversary issue.

by Andrew Stone

Train guards began their first national strikes since privatisation at the end of last month in response to persistent attempts by train operators...


Solomon Hughes

Labour now plans to privatise the military.

Anne Ashford

From Egypt to the Lebanon, from Damascus to Palestine, the war in Iraq is leading to a revolt in the Middle East not seen for years.

Alex Callinicos

Opposing and organising against the conflict in Iraq is the most important task facing anti-capitalist campaigners today.

Sabby Sagall

Was democracy the cornerstone of US policy during the Cold War?

Dragan Plavsic

Bush claims he wants to liberate Iraq. Dragan Plavsic examines the experience of Serbia and Afghanistan.

Paul Foot

Capitalism's claim of promoting democracy is continually undermined by the growing gap between rich and poor.

Ian Birchall

Workers' power is far more democratic than parliament.

Stephen Philip

The movement against capitalism and war is having an impact on what's being produced by Hollywood.


by Martin Empson
One of the successes of the internet is that almost any information you need can be a few key presses away--if you know how to access it. Among all the junk that nestles in the web, the are a few...
by Chris Harman

The war in Iraq has exposed splits between the imperial powers.

by Mike Gonzalez

Theatre can be a forum for debate and encourage collective action.

by Pat Stack

The trial of the century is under way.


by Harry Feldman

William Halpern asserts that 'human nature' needs 'to be considered alongside the purely political and economic issues 'to get closer to the truth about the nature of war' (Letters, March SR).

by Sasha Simic

I joined the protest outside parliament on the night of 18 Much 2003 when our leaders decided to help the US butcher innocent Iraqi civilians.

by Carlo Morelli

Huw Williams (March SR) correctly identifies the scale of the crisis facing the Labour Party.

by Phil Marshall

Thanks to the many readers of 'Socialist Review' who supported the campaign to free anti-war activists in Egypt (Letters, March SR).

by Dave Renton

I enjoyed Brian Manning's tribute to Christopher Hill (March SR).

by Keith Flett

As Brian Manning's tribute demonstrates (March SR) the late Christopher Hill was a fine and pathbreaking Marxist historian, a long way from the mechanical Stalinist suggested by some.

by Alan Gibson

I have a quibble with Chris Harman's otherwise excellent article, 'Left Pole of Attraction' (March SR).


by Chris Harman

Chris Harman remembers Mike Kidron, who helped Marxists understand the post-war boom and Third World revolt.


by Clare Fermont

Review of 'Anti-Imperialism', ed. Farah Reza, Bookmarks £10

by Mubin Haq

Review of 'An Act of State', William F Pepper, Verso £17

by Beccy Reese

Review of 'Apocalypse', Neil Faulkner, Tempus £25

by Dave Renton

Review of 'Class Theory and History', Stephen A Resnick and Richard D Wolff, Routledge £16.99

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'Welcome to Paradise', Mahi Binebine, Granta £12.99 and 'The Broken Cedar', Martin Malone, Scribner £12.99

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'Born under Punches', Martyn Waites, Simon & Schuster £10.99

by James Meadway

Review of 'The Life of David Gale', director Alan Parker

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'Werckmeister Harmonies', director Bela Tarr

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'In this World', director Michael Winterbottom

by Theresa Bennett

Review of 'Life and Debt', director Stephanie Black

by Nicola Field

Review of 'Crossing Jerusalem', by Julia Pascal, Tricycle Theatre, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Nick Grant

Review of Adbusters