Socialist Review issue

April 2004 #284

The politics of terror


by Editorial

New Labour apologists such as Polly Toynbee argue that we should all 'move on' from the war in Iraq.

by Julie Bundy

Moazzam Begg and his wife Sally had fulfilled a lifelong dream to teach and work in Afghanistan, moving to Kabul with their three children a few...

Inequitable Life - Executives are Downwardly Mobile - British Mercenary Companies Make Big Money in Iraq

by Dragan Plavsic

The latest outbreak of violence between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo last month revealed once again the stark truth behind Nato's US-led war...

by Sabby Sagall

The assassination of Sheikh Yassin highlights once again the ruthlessness of the Israeli state.

by Weyman Bennett

The formation of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) heralds a new movement that can push the fascists into the background.

This is the last issue of Socialist Review to be edited by Lindsey German.


Alex Callinicos

The Spanish demonstrators ensured that the events in Madrid resulted in a political defeat for their pro-war government, providing a warning for warmongering governments everywhere.

David Karvala

David Karvala reports from Barcelona on how the people overturned the government.

John Molyneux

The violence of the system breeds terrorism, but revolutionaries fight for a very different form of struggle.

Anne Ashford

Bin Laden's network has become a byword for 'evil'. Anne Ashford looks at the reality behind the hype.

Judith Orr

Our civil liberties are being eroded in the name of anti-terrorism.

Martin Smith

The expulsion of the RMT from the Labour Party is hastening calls to democratise trade union political funds - and not before time.

Paul Foot

Paul Foot hails the 'whistleblower' who exposed Israel's nuclear programme.


by Martin Empson

The 20th anniversary of the miners' strike offers an opportunity to examine how the internet has been used to archive and record British trade union history.

by The Walrus

Secondary picketing could have won the 1984-85 miners' strike.

by Mike Davis

Mike Davis assesses the options for the left in the coming US elections.

by Mike Gonzalez

The history of decadent, out of touch rulers should worry Tony Blair, writes
Mike Gonzalez.

by Pat Stack

The Guantanamo detainees are as much hostages as Terry Waite was, argues Pat Stack.


by Janet Noble

I beg to differ with Diane Abbott ('Dear Michael Rosen', March SR) when she says the underachievement of black boys in schools 'is not just a question of class'.

by Joe Hartney

It is often claimed by well off, liberal-minded parents who make the same choice as Diane Abbott that they agree with comprehensive education 'in theory', but in practice the local school has too...

by Penny Hicks

Nick Savage (Letters, March SR) asks where Respect is going and offers three potential routes.

by Nick Kollerstrom

On highly respected criteria Britain has been involved in more substantial wars following the Second World War than any other nation.


by Tom Hickey

Tom Hickey examines the key works of veteran left wing economist Paul Sweezy.


by Phil Whaite, by Pete Doherty

Phil Whaite spoke to Pete Doherty of The Libertines after a Love Music Hate Racism gig that filled the London Astoria.


by Hazel Croft

Review of 'Bushwomen' by Laura Flanders, Verso £15

by Shaun Doherty

Review of 'The Betrayal of Dissent', Scott Lucas, Pluto £10.99

by Mark Harvey

Review of 'Infectious Greed' by Frank Partnoy, Profile £9.99

by Gary Duke

Review of 'Apartheid Israel' by Uri Davis, Zed £14.95

by John Baxter

Review of 'State of the World 2004', Worldwatch Institute, Earthscan £14.99

by Doug Morgan

Review of 'Where Vultures Feast', Ike Okonta and Oronto Douglas, Verso £12

by Pete Glatter

Review of 'A Small Corner of Hell' by Anna Politkovskaya, University of Chicago Press £17.50

by Sasha Simic

Review of 'Superman: Red Son' by Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett, Andrew Robinson and Walden Wong, Titan £10.99

by Keith Flett

Review of 'New Labour, Old Labour', editors Anthony Seldon and Kevin Hickson, Routledge £19.99

by Liv Lewitschnik

Review of 'Osama', director Siddiq Barmak

by Nigel Davey

Review of 'The Fog of War', director Errol Morris

by Jenny Taylor, by Paula Champion

Review of 'Homage to Catalonia' by George Orwell, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, then touring

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'Rhinegold' by Richard Wagner, English National Opera at the Coliseum

Art / Exhibitions
by Hannah Dee

Review of 'Pax Britannica: A Hellish Peace', Aquarium Gallery, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Mary Phillips

Review of 'Roy Lichtenstein', Hayward Gallery, London