Socialist Review issue

April 2008 #324

After the whitewash


by Pat Carmody

Oscar Wilde once wrote that "charity creates a multitude of sins".

by Charlie Kimber

February's collapse of the London-based Peloton hedge fund was a clear indication of the scale of the banking crisis.

by Shaun Doherty

Londoners are being given an opportunity to vote for a genuine left alternative in the elections for the mayor and assembly.

by Alex D Lalayiannis

Our world is one of security cameras, personal information databases and, of course, the potentially ever increasing 28 days of detention without...

by Patrick Ward

Cumbria Police sergeant Jonathan Sizer went straight to the top with his plan to halt Al Qaida's Cumbrian terror cells.

by Patrick Ward

It's not just Cumbrian police who are on the ball when it comes to...


Martin Smith

The recent BBC White Season painted a bleak picture of the white working class in Britain today as bigoted and broken. Martin Smith argues that these stereotypes are encouraged by politicians and...

Costas Lapavitsas

Costas Lapavitsas is an economist at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He has written extensively on Marxist theories of finance. He spoke to Socialist Review and...

Unjum Mirza

Shareholders and accountancy firms are the biggest beneficiaries of the privatisation of public transport in Britain. Unjum Mirza, RMT rail union member and Left List candidate in the GLA...

Hassan Mahamdallie

Attacks on Muslims by politicians and the media have been on the rise since the 9/11 attacks. Now, when author Martin Amis's abusive tirades against Islam are broadcast and published without qualm...


Letter from
by Arutchelvan Subramaniam

Elections last month gave opposition parties significant victories. Arutchelvan Subramaniam reports on how the campaign was built.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

What happens when your economic policies rely on a booming City of London and you're suddenly faced with a banking crisis and a credit crunch?

Union-made column
by Sean Vernell

Some 45,000 Further and Adult Education lecturers in the University College Union (UCU) are being balloted for strike action over pay alongside teachers on 24 April.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

Socialists watched in despair when dockers and building workers marched in support of Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" speech. But the tide turned and a few years later dockers were marching for...

Culture column
by Mike Gonzalez

When fascist thugs murdered the 38 year old poet Federico García Lorca in Granada in August 1936, they pinned a note to his body. It denounced the writer for his politics and for his homosexuality...

A-Z of Socialism
by Chanie Rosenberg

The success of the Russian Revolution of 1917 enabled the radical ideas on women's liberation that had been germinating in pre-revolutionary times to develop, and be widely discussed and...


by Paul Fredericks

It seems that Mayor Ken Livingstone intends to continue his love-in with non-doms if re-elected in May (Feature, Socialist Review,...

by Dolores Ward

As I opened my copy of the last issue, I was contemplating my reply to a letter from Jim Knight, minister for schools and learners, regarding the latest pay increase for teachers (Frontlines, ...

by Nigel Coward

I thought the last issue (Socialist Review, March 2008) was particularly well aimed against capital.

by Carl Marchi

Although I have read about the war crimes committed by the Bush regime (Socialist Review, March 2008), I have...


by Sarah Ensor, by Sara Paretsky

Fighting racism and injustice shaped Sara Paretsky as a crime writer. She talks to Sarah Ensor about her work, the Iraq war and the US elections.


by Penny Howard

Dustin M. Wax, Pluto Press, £18.99

by Clare Fermont

Alexis Wright, Constable, £16.99

by Alan Gibson

Robin Aitken, Continuum, £9.99

by Beth Stone

Melissa Benn, Chatto & Windus, £12.99

by Martin Empson

Lester R Brown, WW Norton, £10.99

by Talat Ahmed

Zahid Hussain, IB Tauris, £9.99

by Rachel Eborall

Lisa Appignanesi, Virago, £20

by Louis Bayman

Tom Behan, IB Tauris, £15.99

by Ron Senchak

Bud and Ruth Shultz, Merrell, £14.95

by Beccy Reese

Marjane Satrapi, Vintage, £7.99


Monbiot on global justice - Inside the US's Baghdad base - Michael Rosen's kids' football book - Hornby for young adults

by Vince Dawes

Director: Michael Haneke; Release date: 4 April

by Adrian Budd

Director: Daniele Luchetti; Release date: 4 April

by Joseph Choonara

Director Park: Chan-wook; Release date: 4 April

by Mary Brodbin

Director: Mike Leigh; Release date: 18 April

by Sian Barrett

Erykah Badu

Art / Exhibitions
by Shehab Sikora

The Political Cartoon Gallery, London, until 12 April

Art / Exhibitions
by Chris Nineham

Tate Modern, London, until 26 May

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Winter Soldier - Palestinian films - Yorkshire theatre on migrant issues - Specials - Chinese design