Socialist Review issue

April 2009 #335

Pakistan: Frontline of imperialism


by Mike Gonzalez

El Salvador may be one of Latin America's smallest countries (the size of Wales with a population of around 7 million), but politically it is...

by Jennifer Jones

A recent BBC poll of 53 university vice-chancellors reveals that two thirds want the top-up fee cap to be increased from the current £3,000.

by Judith Orr

When Barack Obama announced George Mitchell as his "peace envoy" in the Middle East there was praise for his choice of the "peacebroker" of...

by Phil Mellows

When the going gets tough, governments turn to drink.

by Patrick Ward

In recent weeks police have been seen to arbitrarily stop and search young people outside the Taking Liberties exhibition at the British Library (...

by Patrick Ward

"Shell is helping create viable and sustainable alternatives for both fuel and power through scientific and technology developments in such areas...


Danny Dorling

While politicians clearly have no idea of how to solve the economic crisis unemployment continues to rise across Britain. But where is it having the most impact? Danny Dorling argues that it is...

Geoff Brown

As the protest movement in Pakistan scores a victory, the Afghanistan war threatens increasing instability along the countries' shared border. Geoff Brown assesses this key faultline of US...

John Newsinger

Sixty years after its formation Nato continues to be an important tool of US imperialism. John Newsinger traces the organisation's history from its first meeting on 4 April 1949 to today's war in...


Letter from
by Dr Nafaz Abu Shaban

Israel's war led to the deaths of 1,434 Palestinians. Dr Nafaz Abu Shaban, Gaza's leading burns specialist, explains the deadly siege of Gaza and the use of white phosphorus on civilians.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

It's beginning to look as if the government is out for revenge on the Muslim community for its resurgent mobilisation over Gaza.

Union-made column
by Amanda Sackur

London Metropolitan University is facing massive funding cuts after an audit by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) discovered that university management had been submitting...

Culture column
by Martin Smith

The military theory of "rapid dominance" or, as it is more commonly known, "shock and awe", was deployed by the US military during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The theory is as simple as it is...

A-Z of Socialism
by Pat Stack

I would guess that most socialists are instinctively anti-violence. We hate almost all of its manifestations from war all the way through to bullying. Many of us came to socialist politics via...


by Matt Foot

I did not agree with the emphasis of the article "Sri Lanka - the dead end of nationalism" (Frontlines, Socialist...

by Seb Cooke

I found Laurent Cantet's film The Class a compelling and uncomfortable drama (Film, Socialist Review,...

by John Parrington
by Barry Conway

Much as I have always admired Stephen Jay Gould's insights, I cannot agree that Alfred Wallace was a proponent of what we now call intelligent design (Feedback,...


by Joseph Choonara, by David Harvey

Joseph Choonara spoke to acclaimed Marxist theoretician David Harvey about capitalism's current crisis and his online reading group of Karl Marx's Capital which shows the revival of...


by Iain Ferguson

Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, Allen Lane; £20

by Mark Krantz

Thomas E Ricks, Allen Lane; £25

by Sasha Simic

Vicken Cheterian, Hurst; £25

by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Xiaolu Guo, Chatto & Windus; £12.99

by Colin Wilson

Alastair Crooke, Pluto; £17.99

by Rachel Eborall

Susie Orbach, Profile Books; £10.99

by Gareth Jenkins

Iain Sinclair, Hamish Hamilton; £20

by Beth Stone

Stella Duffy, Virago; £7.99

by Des Freedman

Robert W McChesney, The New Press; £13.99

by Charlotte Bence

David Chanoff and Doan Van Toai, IB Tauris; £9.99


Jenny Clegg, Pluto; £19.99


Three trillion dollar war - Mad, Bad and Sad - Winter Soldiers - Guantanamo Boy

by Berit Kuennecke

Director Vicente Amorim; Release date: 17 April

by Alexander Harker

Director Tomas Alfredson; Release date: 10 April

by Ingrid Lamprecht

Director Jan Troell; Release date: 17 April

by Charlie Hore

CD, Gilad Atzmon