Socialist Review issue

April 2012 #368

How to get the unions back in the fight


by Estelle Cooch

Only five days after George Osborne's Budget handed money back to rich top-rate taxpayers, the Sunday Times published a video showing Tory...

by Jonathan Neale

In late February George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. That much is not in dispute - Zimmerman and his lawyer admit...

by Eileen Short

The government claims that the Bill for housing benefit is out of control and is introducing major cuts. Eileen Short examines the myths that...


Martin Smith

The great potential of the 30 November strike is in danger of being frittered away after unions called off national strikes on 28 March. Martin Smith looks at why the pensions fight has hit a...

Aliz Alizadeh

Calls for intervention in Iran seem to echo those in the lead up to the attack on Iraq in 2003. Ali Alizadeh asks whether history is about to replay itself and what is the state of resistance...

Tash Shifrin

The fascist British National Party is nearing collapse, while the racist English Defence League has been contained by successful anti-fascist mobilisations - but the climate in society means they...

Duncan Hallas

In this article from 1986, Duncan Hallas takes up the argument that the American working class has been historically immune to socialist ideas.

One of the most important developments over...

Charlie Hore

The very public demotion of Bo Xilai, former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) boss of the south western province of Chongqing, marks the biggest public split among China's rulers since 1989. Then a...


In my view column
by Jonny Jones

"Right now, there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet 200 years ago," says Jason Russell, co-founder of the Invisible Children organisation, in his "Kony 2012" video. The...

In perspective column
by Mark L Thomas

In 1848 popular revolutions swept across Europe. The lessons from these events can help us to understand the revolutions in the Middle East today.

In perspective column
by Mick Mulcahy

The right for working class people to roam Britain's countryside was won through struggle. Mick Mulcahy looks at why we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the mass trespass of Kinder Scout.

Revolutionary Lessons
by Steve Henshall

Gordon Brown used to endlessly repeat the mantra that, thanks to New Labour's policies, there would be "no return to boom and bust".

Culture column
by Despina Mavrou

In recent times Islamophobia has started to creep into art and theatre, including pieces by artists who have previously produced progressive and pioneering work. This is part of a corrosive trend...


Fighting sexism Nowadays many celebrate International Women's Day by giving women flowers or cakes. We are told "women have it all." At Sussex University, the women's group organized face-...


by Estelle Cooch, by Jack Farmer, by Geoffrey Crothall

Estelle Cooch and Jack Farmer spoke to Geoffrey Crothall from the China Labour Bulletin about workers' resistance in China.


by Mark Bergfeld

Stefan Collini

by Annette Mackin

Ruth Padel

by Wendy Spurry

John Lanchester

by Eileen Short

Cathy Davis and Alan Wigfield

by Alexandra Sayer

Edited by Michael D Yates

by Roger Cox

Roger Seifert and Tom Sibley

Classic reads
by Pat Stack

Jeffrey Eugenides

by Iris Cohen

With the French presidential elections looming, this is a perfect time to remind people of the repression and violence towards minorities and immigrants in France, which has increased under...

by Rosalie Allain

A hundred years ago women and immigrant textile workers went on strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts, for better pay and working conditions.

by Mary Phillips

This six-part drama follows the lives and loves of seven housemates. It starts in the present day when one of them has died and then goes back to the 1960s where they seem to be part of some kind...

by Colin Wilson

Moon on a Rainbow Shawl is a truly great play, presented here in a compelling production. I can't recommend strongly enough that you go and see it.

by Dan Berry

Speech Debelle

Art / Exhibitions
by Christine Curran