Socialist Review issue

April 2013 #379

All change in Turkey


by Mark L Thomas

At the time of writing it is still unclear whether Cyprus's banks will finally re-open. What has taken place on this small island state seems part...

by John Davies

"Good morning, what a relief it was to see your leaflet come through my letterbox. Thank you." It has not been often that we get that response to...


Roni Margulies

Turkey's ruling Islamic AKP party has been committed to neoliberalism and expanding Turkey's regional influence. But, argues Roni Margulies, there has also been a major reshaping of the...

Mark L Thomas

What does Marxism say about ethics? Mark L Thomas argues that Marx had a coherent theory of ethics that can overcome the contradictions of bourgeois morality, which is the subject of a new book by...

Keith Flett

Socialist historian E P Thompson's classic book The Making of the English Working Class was first published 50 years ago. Keith Flett takes a look at this seminal work of labour history that...

Michael Roberts

As austerity measures bite while the economy continues to flatline, arguments for a Keynesian response to the recession are gaining traction. Marxist economist Michael Roberts casts a critical eye...


In my view column
by Mariya Ivancheva

In the last week of February, after days of protests across the country, the Bulgarian government headed by Boyko Borisov resigned. Mariya Ivancheva looks at what happened and what comes next.

Culture column
by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Two galleries in central London are currently hosting exhibitions devoted to major 20th century artists. The Barbican's show, entitled The Bride and the Bachelors, focuses on the work of...


Lessons in class In my September article on the impact of tuition fees and university funding (Class Barriers, Socialist Review, September 2012) I noted that "the increase in fees has not...


by Ayodele Jabbaar

The death of Chinua Achebe leads Ayodele Jabbar to recall the legacy of literature he left behind


by Socialist Review

Socialist Review spoke to Tafadzwa Choto of the International Socialist Organisation in Zimbabwe about the significance of the recent referendum on a new constitution

by Rafel Sanchis, by Estelle Cooch

Rafel Sanchis and Estelle Cooch spoke to David Fernández, an MP for the Catalan parliament, about the origins and politics of the anti-capitalist coalition, CUP, and its relationship to the wider...


Classic reads
by Jack Farmer

Everyone who rebels against capitalism is motivated by a vision of a better, more just society. From Martin Luther King's "dream" to the way that the Occupy movement created assemblies designed to...

by Estelle Cooch

Marina Sitrin

by Xanthe Rose

David McKnight

by Shanice McBean

JM Coetzee

by Sarah Ensor

Paul McMahon

by Rebecca Short

Roger Burbach, Michael Fox and Federico Fuentes

by Ron Senchak

Jane McAlevey

by John Newsinger

James Craig

by Sai Englert

James Baldwin

by John Sinha

Director Gus Van Sant,

Release date: 19 April

by Anthony Killick

Directors Michael Chanan, Lee Salter,

Release date: out now

by Ben Windsor

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by Estelle Cooch

Dizraeli and the Small Gods, Release date: out now

Art / Exhibitions
by Socialist Review

Mark Leckey

Art / Exhibitions
by Jonny Jones

Victoria and Albert Museum, London