Socialist Review issue

April 2019 #445

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How capitalism is choking the planet


by Shaun Doherty
There could be many twists and turns in the Brexit melodrama in the hiatus between my writing this article and you reading it. To speculate on...
by Roddy Slorach
Mike Oliver, who died last month, was a key figure in the British disability rights movement. He pioneered the development of what became known as...


Camilla Royle

Camilla Royle looks at the new climate activism

John Sinha

John Sinha investigates how the motor industry continues to poison us.

Bea Kay

The media focus on high profile cases of child sexual exploitation has often done little to illuminate the reality of child abuse in Britain today, instead focusing on a perceived “Muslim cultural...

Jane Hardy

In the second part of her series on women workers, Jane Hardy celebrates the Birmingham home care workers’ inspiring fight.

Siobhan Brown

The Bauhaus school of design was founded in Weimar Germany a century ago. Born of the spirit of transformation that followed the horror of the First World War, it has arguably not been surpassed...


Letter from
by James Supple

Our government’s Islamophobic onslaught led to the Christchurch attack, writes James Supple

by John Newsinger

The Daily Mail has a long history of siding with the far right. John Newsinger reveals the key period of the 1920s and 1930s, when the paper’s proprietor Lord Rothermere actively backed fascist...


by John Molyneux
We would like to make it clear that Orla Ni Chomrai (Feedback, March SR) in her criticism of Laura Miles, does not speak for anything approaching a majority of feminists or socialists in Ireland....
by Dave Lyddon
Jane Hardy’s opening article on equal pay (March SR) makes fascinating reading. The following points supplement her account. The 1918 War Cabinet inquiry that Jane mentions includes Beatrice Webb’...


by Sally Campbell

Mike Hoolihan is my kind of detective. She dresses like Johnny Cash, rarely smiles and the only adornment in her sparse bedroom is a picture of Patti Smith.

Played by Patricia Clarkson...

by David Gilchrist

Enzo Traverso notes in the opening of this book that, in 2018, eight countries of the EU have governments led by far right, nationalist and xenophobic parties. Add to this National Rally in France...

by Patti Mckenna-Jones

It’s hard to believe that something as stringent and unyielding as the English Reformation could lay the foundations of liberalism and the Enlightenment, but this is what James Simpson argues in...

by Dave Clinch

I read this book of 19 essays by the prominent Turkish author, essayist and journalist, in one sitting. All the essays were smuggled out of his 9 x 4 metre cell, shared with two others in the...

by Sally Kincaid

Leta Hong Fincher begins with how the Chinese feminist conscience and mass call out against sexual harassment started a few years earlier than the #MeToo movement. In 2015 on the eve of...

by Kate Hunter

According to French writer and sociologist Didier Eribon, “If you write about the working class you have left it,” though he also said, “You can never escape your social class, even if you believe...

by John Newsinger

This book was first published in 2010 by John Hopkins University Press. Presumably the decision by Verso to bring out a paperback edition this year was prompted at least in part by the resurgence...

by Sasha Simic

The authors have tried to produce an accessible introduction to the life of the US’s most renowned socialist from the early 20th century.

The format of the book is very odd. Each chapter...

by Chinedu Chukwudinma

Michael D Yates, author of Why Unions Matter (1998), dedicated most of his academic and professional career to studying labour and social movements in the US. Through his latest work, Yates...

by Mark Farmer

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the loss of the great German revolutionaries Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. They both died on the night of 15 January 1919, murdered in Berlin by...

by Noel Halifax

Ninety years ago German theatre-maker Erwin Piscator published his book, The Political Theatre. He wrote that he intended it to provide “a definitive explanation and elucidation of the basic facts...

by Rena Niamh Smith

The Women of the World Festival will mark its 10th anniversary next year. The event has been so successful that Jude Kelly has quit her day job as artistic director of the Southbank Centre to head...

by Chinedu Chukwudinma

Dave first rose to fame as a teenager in 2016 through his freestyle clips on grime and UK rap platforms. Since then he has proved to all listeners that he’s a lyrical genius and a talented...