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April 2020 #456

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by Ian Taylor
Who could have foreseen the extraordinary events of March when the Covid-19 crisis led the Tories to shred every orthodox belief of the past 45 years...
by NHS Manager

The NHS has done a deal with private hospitals to use almost all their capacity during the coronavirus epidemic.

Despite NHS England’s...

by Marie Feltesse
France is in Covid-19 lockdown with strong decrees enforced by heavy state power. Nearly everyone accepts that there has to be an end to most social...
by Giorgios Pittas
On 3 March EU commissioner Ursula von der Leyen went to Evros on the Greek-Turkish border in order to congratulate Greek prime minister Kyriakos...


Lee Humber

Malnutrition and poor health combined with the toxic impact of welfare cuts, run down health services and years of austerity has left many people at the mercy of pandemics.

Giovanna Moretti

Socialist Review spoke to Giovanna Moretti, a Sicilian doctor, who has been living amid the coronavirus in Italy for a month.

Socialist Review

As we celebrate 150 years since the birth of the Russian revolutionary leader, Socialist Review outlines his core beliefs, and defends his legacy from the liberal critics and the right wing.

Gareth Jenkins

What Socialists say about free expression

Lewis Nielsen

The chance of a radical socialist challenge to the US establishment seemed on the cards, but as Sanders seemed set on winning, the machine came into action..

Mark Thomas

Why workers need to take the lead on action


by Jan Nielsen

Sexual violence always been used by state forces to intimidate and humiliate those fighting back, but the international women’s movement is fighting back strongly.

by Joseph Choonara

Pandemic is triggering what may be the deepest economic crisis of our lifetimes.

by John Newsinger

US imperialism has suffered a massive historic defeat with the planned withdrawal of troops. This is being presented as some sort of success. The hard truth is very different.


by Sasha Simic

The final book in Hilary Mantel’s trilogy about the sixteenth century statesman Thomas Cromwell has finally arrived. The success of the previous books—Wolf Hall (2009) and Bring Up The Bodies (...

by Alan Gibson

Welcome to Polly Toynbee’s unremittingly grey Britain. Of course, there are very many elements of truth to the picture she and her co-author David Walker paint in this book about a decade of Tory...

by Josh Largent

Darrin Qualman was the primary researcher and writer for the National Farmers Union, a Canadian organisation of farm families promoting environmentally safe farming practices, until 2010. His...

by Judy Cox

Do we need another book on Marx? Many recently published books deal with Marx’s approach to history, to economics, to ecology and to the family in innovative and exciting ways. Having read this...

by John Newsinger

One of the great enigmas of working class history is how it was that so many fine working class militants, men and women, embraced Stalinism and either refused to believe in or actually helped...

by Shaun Doherty

Earlier this month Sir Patrick Coghlan’s enquiry into Northern Ireland’s Renewal Heating Initiative (RHI) scandal published its 650 page report.

It took 270,000 words to effectively...

by Jan Nielsen

Culture Under Quarantine

by Rena Niamh Smith

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