Socialist Review issue

December 2004 #291

Imperial blowback, why Bush won,


by Editorial

There are three dates for your new year's diary. Mark them clearly, because what we do over the next six months could change the world for years...

by Editorial

The right wing press and New Labour are in full agreement: Britain is in the grip of an unprecedented crimewave.

by Chris Harman

Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution' is not all it seems.

by Dave Crouch

When Yanukovych bussed thousands of his supporters into the city, all fired up for a fight, the Yushchenko-supporting orange crowd began winning...

by Nick Grant

'Another School Is Possible', or so believes Milwaukee-based teacher Bob Peterson from the Rethinking Schools collective who led both a seminar...

by Guy Taylor

The centrepiece of home secretary David Blunkett's attacks on civil liberties, the ID card and national identity register, will be a far more...

by Andrew Stone

Has Nestlé finally joined the ranks of the fair trade movement?

by David Wilson

China marked its third year as a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) last month with many neoliberal commentators celebrating its...

by Tom Behan

The newsreader on the main Italian lunchtime news on 30 November began with the following words: 'This news bulletin will be shorter than normal...


Chris Nineham

The re-election of Bush depressed the world, but now the anti-war left in the US is regrouping.

China Miéville

Christmas will not be privatised', writes award winning author China Miéville in this exclusive short story.

Neil Davidson

This year's Isaac Deutscher memorial lecture was given by Neil Davidson. He took up the controversial issue of the role played by bourgeois revolutions in the formation of the modern world.

Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson explores how black culture has shaped post-war society.

Eileen Short

Tenant activist Eileen Short explains why council housing was such a historic achievement - and why we must campaign to defend it.


by Mike Davis

Is it time (to paraphrase Brecht) to elect a new American people?

by Martin Empson

US election shenanigans can't hide from the internet.

by Andrew Stone

'We accept an interest in people's health as a basic responsibility, paramount to every other consideration in our business.' Who might have made such an altruistic statement of intent? A health...


by Glyn Carver

Prior to voting in the US presidential ballot there was a lot of talk about this being the most important election in decades.

by Jon Tennison

I was fascinated by the interview with John Rose ('Sparks of Hope in the Past', October SR), particularly his...

by Colin Yates

I have some sympathy with Cerrie Burnel's reservations regarding the use of able-bodied actors to portray characters with disabilities (Letters,...

by Jacalyn Engler

Please help. Don't let the story of the fraudulent election in the US be buried.

by Nick Kollerstrom

John Kerry won just as Al Gore did last time. However, those who own the electronic vote-boxes have swung the voting to steal the US election.

by Mary Brodbin

The corpses are piling high in Iraq and the truth is being buried along with the bodies.


by Simon Assaf, by Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk explains to Simon Assaf why there can be no peace in the Middle East until Britain and the US get out.


by Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez reviews a compelling history of Cuba.

by Adam Marks

Review of 'Censored 2005', Peter Phillips and Project Censored, Seven Stories £12.99

by Kelly MacDermott

Review of 'When Adam Delved and Eve Span', Mark O'Brien, New Clarion £8.99

by Natalie Roper

Review of 'Other People's Money' by Nomi Prins, New Press £14.99

by Ian Rappel

Review of 'Unpeople', Mark Curtis, Vintage £7.99

by Liv Lewitschnik

Review of 'The Murdoch Archipelago', Bruce Page, Pocket Books £9.99

by Martin Smith

Review of 'Voices of a People's History of the United States', Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, Seven Stories £10.99

by Kevin Best

Review of 'Socialist Register 2005: The Empire Reloaded', editors Leo Panitch and Colin Leys, Merlin Press £14.95

by Sarah Ensor

Miners' strike - Left US teaching resources - David Dabydeen - Gift ideas

by Moira Nolan

Review of 'The Merchant of Venice', director Michael Radford

by Amy Lane

Review of 'Top Spot', director Tracey Emin

by Xanthe Rose

Review of 'Roads to Koktebel', directors Boris Khlebnikov and Alexei Popogrebsky

by Stephen Philip

The Aviator - Napoleon Dynamite - Anatomy of Hell - Nine Songs - Mondovino

by Colin Wilson

Review of 'Siegfried' by Richard Wagner, English National Opera


The best CDs of the last twelve months.

Art / Exhibitions
by Bea Leal

Review of 'Freedom Fries' by Steve Brodner, Fantagraphics $29.95 (available on-line for around £16)