Socialist Review issue

December 2012 #375


by Jamie Allinson

As Israel launched its assault on Gaza, the return of Jordan's popular movement demonstrated the continuing vitality of the Arab revolutions.

by Brian Parkin

Since April 2008 working class living standards in Britain have fallen by an average 13.2 percent. Over the same period domestic energy prices...

by Charlie Kimber

On 14 November while millions of workers struck and marched across large parts of Europe, the British TUC issued a press release. And not a very...


Eric Fretz

Obama won a second term as US president despite his record. Here US socialist Eric Fretz argues he benefitted from a shift to the left in US society. But what are the prospects for the growth of...

Mark Bergfeld

Mark Bergfeld recently attended the congress of the Left Bloc in Portugal and witnessed the general strike there a few days later. Here, he argues that Portugal is currently experiencing its...

Estelle Cooch

Israel's attack on Gaza has rightly caused outrage. But Israel's murder of Palestinians isn't the result of a failed peace process or a few bad Israeli leaders - it springs from the very nature of...


In my view column
by Dave Renton

by Judge Red, Dave Renton

In every city in Britain, this Christmas will see more people sleeping rough than at any time since the 1980s. Officially, street homelessness is increasing by...

In my view column
by Jack Farmer

Lord Heseltine's recent report on economic growth is no help for working class people - but it shows how the state props up the private sector, writes Jack Farmer

In my view column
by Miriyam Aouragh

Miriyam Aouragh reports from Nablus in the West Bank, where Israel's assault on Gaza provoked a new upsurge of protest and has further isolated the Palestinian Authority

Revolutionary Lessons
by Amy Leather
There is intense planning under capitalism, but it is done to maximise profit Planning under socialism would be driven from the bottom up based on mass participation and democracy For...
Culture column
by Siobhan Brown

For many, William Morris is best known as a designer and artist - his patterns turned into wallpapers, his drawings into beautiful yet functional furniture.


Fools Rushdie in When Gareth Jenkins writes that "only in siding with Muslims against the racism directed...could those opposing any ban on the Satanic Verses hope to get a hearing", he is spot on...


by Noel Halifax

It is not often that a classical music concert triggers a riot and ends with the theatre being invaded by riot police.


by Sally Kincaid, by Charlie Hore, by Hsiao-Hung Pai

China's booming economy has been built on the back of migrant workers. Hsiao-Hung Pai talked to Sally Kincaid and Charlie Hore about her new book and the lives of China's migrant population

by Kate Hurford, by Soren Goard
How did you become involved in music and politics? Growing up in Chicago and then Detroit and Oakland, my family were all interested in radical organising, so I was a political organiser from the...


by Bob Lloyd

Ben Goldacre

by Gaverne Bennett

Tom Reiss

by Sarah Ensor

Andre Vltchek

by Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

Derrick Jensen and Stephanie Macmillan

by Ayodele Jabbaar

Chinua Achebe

by Jonas Liston

Fiona Forde

by Aamna Mohdin

Karen E Fields and Barbara J Fields

Classic reads
by Mike Gonzalez

Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez

by Rosalie Allain

Salman Rushdie's Booker prize winning novel, Midnight's Children, first published in 1981, was known as the "the book that was impossible to film". Unfortunately, this has in many ways been...

Art / Exhibitions
by Dave Gibson

This exhibition of more than 30 of Barbara Hepworth's Hospital Drawings is the first time that so many of these powerful pieces have been shown together. She drew them between 1947 and 1949,...