Socialist Review issue

December 2017 #430

Danger on the right


by Shaun Doherty
The dominant narrative of the political establishment and its various media echo chambers is that the European Union has Britain over a barrel as the...
by Simon Guy
Donald Trump gave a boost to the Nazi group Britain First by sharing a series of Islamophobic videos that were collated by its deputy leader, Jayda...


Charlie Kimber

The far-right has made a series of major electoral gains across Europe. Charlie Kimber details the links between their rise and the wholesale distribution of bigotry by the establishment.

Brian Richardson

In discussions about stop and search, racism and young people, there is an elephant in the room. Brian Richardson says it’s time to end the "war on drugs".

Sally Campbell

The autumn has been dominated by the sexual harassment claims against prominent figures. Sally Campbell looks for collective solutions to a problem often experienced individually.

Sabby Sagall

The social and political turmoil surrounding the First World War and the wave of revolutions across Europe produced some of the most radical modernist music. Sabby Sagall outlines key figures in...


Our writers' cultural and literary highlights of 2017


by Simon Hester
The “zombie Blairites” running this north London borough are in deep trouble. Their flagship policy, the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV), is close to collapse. Under the slogans “Social housing...
by Bob Fotheringham
Most people on the left in Scotland will welcome the election of Richard Leonard as the new leader of Scottish Labour. Clearly identifying himself as a socialist, though not as a “Corbynista”, his...
by Steve Guy

The battle which came to be known as Passchendaele took place in Belgium in the second half of 1917. Steve Guy describes the horror faced by soldiers crawling through mud that had become like...


by Raymond Storry
I read with interest Joseph Choonara’s response (October SR) to Ken Muller’s letter arguing that education workers should be regarded as productive workers. I agree with Joseph’s essential point that...
by Sabby Sagall
Iain Ferguson quite correctly emphasises in his interview (November SR) that the roots of mental illness lie in capitalist society but that there is a Marxist psychoanalytical tradition that rejected...
by Terry Ward
Regarding your interview with Iain Ferguson on Marxism and mental health (November SR) I was surprised that there was no mention of Peter Sedgwick, a leading member of the International Socialists (...


by Liz Wheatley

From resistance to the American war in Vietnam to the instantly recognisable image of Tommy Smith and John Carlos holding high their clenched fists on the Olympic podium, 1968 was a year of...

by Matt Foot

Gerry Conlon’s great friend Paddy Hill of the Birmingham Six, at the recent book launch at the Camden Irish Centre, described it “as a warts and all” picture. That is the great strength of Richard...

by Jeff Jackson

The just man who is resolute/ Will not be turned from his purpose/ Either by the rage of the crowd or/ By an imperious tyrant. Roberts Vaux, an early biographer of Benjamin Lay, quoted these lines...

by Sasha Simic

This collection of comic-strips on the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn comes out of an open call for submissions to writers and artists by the publisher, Self Made Hero, which had the...

by Rebecca Townesend

Saltire Society first Book of the Year for 2017 has nominated this book for it’s prize. The Caseroom opens in 1891 with 13 year-old Iza Ross starting work at Ballantyne’s Pauls print works in...

by Richard Rose

With wry wit, vivid observational clarity and self-depreciating put downs, Caveney tells of the loves and let downs, the highs and the hangovers of growing up in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He...

by John Newsinger

The 1997 general election saw the hated Tories thrown out, indeed humiliated, and a bright New Labour government take office under an idealistic young leader, Tony Blair. There was widespread hope...

Art / Exhibitions
by Sasha Simic

When a group of us visited St Petersburg and Moscow last month to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution we were not expecting much by way of official commemoration. We were pleasantly...

by Mary Brodbin

Deep in the heart of New York’s ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community, we follow Menashe — a bumbling, gentle giant of a man who, after the death of his wife, is struggling to keep custody of...

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

Art that attacks the establishment is not new. The Dadaists in Berlin from 1919 held a series of events aimed at the ruling class — they hung from the ceiling carcasses of dead pigs dressed in the...

Five Things Listing

She’s Gotta Have It
Out now on Netflix
Spike Lee has adapted and updated his 1986 debut film into a ten...