Socialist Review issue

February 2002 #260

United we stand


by Editorial

People left on hospital trolleys waiting for treatment; bosses recruiting non-union labour to break a legitimate strike, with a nod and a wink...

by Alex Callinicos

The international movement against capitalist globalisation faces two important tests. The first is the protests against the bosses' jamboree of...

Kodak website dispute - Insurance claims - China and the WTO

by Bilal El-Amine

Last year the World Economic Forum (WEF), which had been meeting in Davos in Switzerland for decades, declared that it would hold its next...

by Solomon Hughes

The fall of Enron is a very British scandal because it relied on a British cast as well as friendships with Bush and Clinton to give it...

by Goretti Horgan

Thirty years after it happened, why is there still such a fuss about Bloody Sunday? 'Daily Telegraph' and 'Daily Mail' commentators rant and rage...


Chris Bambery

There is a growing radicalisation amongst workers in Britain.

Greg Tucker

RMT activist Greg Tucker explains how growing radicalisation is leading to a rift between New Labour and the unions.

Tony Cliff

Thirty years ago Britain's workers were on the offensive. We reprint an article from 'Socialist Worker' which explains how solidarity and socialist politics can strengthen the workers' movement....

Judith Orr, Gareth Jenkins

Judith Orr explains why the state of Britain's railways is producing a political crisis for New Labour, while Gareth Jenkins blames years of underinvestment.

Edward Said

Distinguished writer Edward Said on a new initiative to end Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Sam Ashman

A potential nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan looms over the subcontinent. The flashpoint is the state of Kashmir.


by The Walrus

The rail unions have built up some powerful muscle they can flex.

by Chris Harman

Can workers take control in Argentina? Chris Harman examines the evidence.

by Mike Gonzalez

Why the British ruling class like nothing better than a complete failure.

by Pat Stack

The treatment of Afghan prisoners shows the brutal face of US imperialism.


by Tim Evans

Peter Morgan's article 'Tales From The Tabloids' (January SR) illustrates how during war the government, the military and the media collude in a reconstruction of truth.

by Macabe Steffen

Beijing is increasing its crackdown on Muslim separatists in the name of the global 'war against terrorism'.

by Richard Stephens

After completing an essay on the question, 'Can there be objectivity in history?' and after reading Paul McGarr's review of EH Carr's 'What is History?' (January SR), I was rather angry and...

by Keith Flett

EH Carr was a liberal critic of capitalism who nevertheless had a good appreciation of the Marxist view of history. Nowhere was this clearer than in his recently republished classic, 'What is...

by Stephen Wagg

Could I make a couple of adjustments to Mike Gonzalez's article on 'Britishness' (January SR)?

by John Molyneux

All the points made by China Miéville (January SR) about the reactionary outlook underpinning the imaginary world of Middle Earth are spot on, and 'The Lord of the Rings' is certainly not the...

by Terry Sullivan

There is one point that I would like to disagree with in John Parrington's otherwise excellent article on human cloning (January SR).

by Graham Hodgin

I don't agree with Nigel Davey's review of David Lynch's new film, 'Mulholland Drive' (January SR).

by Muriel Hirsch

The National Audit Office is investigating the transfer of services from Crawley Hospital to East Surrey.

by Bill Thornycroft

With reference to the review of the book 'Rogue State' (January SR), it's high time someone did a British version.


by Alex Callinicos

Alex Callinicos remembers the life and work of French radical Pierre Bourdieu.


by Peter Morgan, by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop the War Coalition, tells Peter Morgan why the left has been vindicated in its opposition to the war.


by Dragan Plavsic

Review of 'The Gatekeeper', Terry Eagleton, Allan Lane £9.99

by Diana Swingler

Review of 'Josephine Butler', Jane Jordan, John Murray £22.50

by Lindi Gonzalez

Review of 'Voices of Revolution', Rodger Streitmatter, Columbia University Press £13.50

by Rae Street

Review of 'Full Spectrum Absurdity', ed. Ken Coates, Spokesman Books £5 and 'The Last Frontier', ed. Ken Coates, Spokesman Books £5

by John Molyneux

Review of 'Trotsky and the Origins of Trotskyism', Alfred Rosmer, Francis Bootle £10

by Mike Marqusee

Review of 'Ali', director Michael Mann

by Hazel Croft

Review of 'Gosford Park', director Robert Altman

by Alasdair Paterson

Review of 'Last Orders', director Fred Schepisi

by Leo Zeilig

Review of 'Black Hawk Down', director Ridley Scott

by Pete Gee

Joan Littlewood's Theatre Royal in Stratford, east London, revolutionised British theatre with shows such as 'Oh What a Lovely War', 'The Hostage' and 'A Taste of Honey'. Peter Gee spoke to the...

by Moyra Samuels

Review of 'The Island' by Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona, Soho Theatre, London

by Beccy Reese

Review of 'The Magic Toyshop' by Angela Carter, Old Vic, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Chris Nineham

Review of exhibition 'Paris, Capital of the Arts 1900-1968' at the Royal Academy of Arts, London