Socialist Review issue

February 2006 #303

Revolution in the Revolution


Chris Harman

For the last four years Venezuela has been the political centre of the radicalisation of Latin America. Now those who started a revolutionary process are debating how to take the process further....

Rory Hearne

'In this factory there are no bosses. We believe that we should all be leaders.'

Rory Hearne

Rory Hearne finds that no matter where you go in Venezuela, people are desperate to talk about 'their revolution'. Here are a few people who shared their thoughts with him.

John Parrington

John Parrington asks who is to blame when scientific research becomes fraud.

Third World Report (Africa)
ISO Zimbabwe Members

Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the country's biggest opposition force, is in deep crisis.

Third World Report (Asia)
Achin Vanaik

How times have changed. India, once considered 'the most non-aligned of the non-aligned countries', is now on the way to being a most favoured ally of the US.

Third World Report (Latin America)
Andy Brown

The remarkable victory of Evo Morales in the Bolivian presidential election has focused attention on the question of indigenous people's rights in Latin America, and their role in social and...

Third World Report (Middle East)
Ghassan Makarem

The bigoted outburst by the magazine of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association calling Islam a 'barmy doctrine' is the clearest example of the co-option of many in the gay liberation movement...


by China Miéville

In Jerusalem, a terminally wounded Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon returns as a cyborg with memories of massacres haunting him.

by Lindsey German

What Gordon Brown's 'British Day' chooses to celebrate will not be as important as what it chooses to hide.

by Raj Patel

Cutting state aid to farmers in the North could make matters worse for those in the South.


by Joseph Choonara

Acclaimed Marxist geographer David Harvey talks to Joseph Choonara about the rise of neo-liberalism, and why it should be seen as a ruling class project.


by John Newsinger

John Newsinger looks at Madison Smartt Bell's trilogy on the Haitian Revolution.

by Martin Smith

Review of 'Dream Boogie', Peter Guralnick, Little, Brown £25

by Liv Lewitschnik

Review of 'Guardians Of Power', David Edwards and David Cromwell, Pluto £14.99

by Paul Blackledge

Review of 'Spectrum', Perry Anderson, Verso £25

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'Born Jewish', Marcel Liebman, Verso £14.99

by Eamonn Kelly

Eamonn Kelly looks at some of the radical documentaries touring Britain.

by Suzanne Jeffery

Review of 'North Country', director Niki Kato

by Phil Waite

Review of 'Good Night, And Good Luck', director George Clooney

by Adrian Budd

Review of 'Walk The Line', director James Mangold

by Kelly MacDermott

Review of 'Pavee Lackeen', director Perry Ogden

Art / Exhibitions
by Tanya Barson

Tanya Barson looks at the rich history of art and documentary in Britain from 1929 to now.

Art / Exhibitions
by Tom Hickey

Review of Observations, Christopher Stewart, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool