Socialist Review issue

February 2009 #333

How can Palestine be free


by Phil Turner

"We're not getting the same help we would be getting if we were wearing bowler hats instead of hard hats. It's one thing for the banks and another...

by Weyman Bennett

Writing in the Daily Mail on the anniversary of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry last month, Trevor Phillips, the head of the Equality and...

Giles Ungpakorn, a socialist activist and academic in Thailand, is facing a possible prison sentence after Thailand's Special Branch charged him...

by Patrick Ward

"They sometimes say if you give a fool a piece of rope he'll hang himself, and it seems that in this case this person has done exactly that." So...

by Patrick Ward

Sussex Police and Crimestoppers launched an initiative in January to catch "people with no legitimate income living a lavish lifestyle". The "Too...

by Patrick Ward

"Are there names you are likely to encounter or not encounter on an Activities Abroad holiday?" asked Activities Abroad founder Alistair McLean in...


Anne Alexander

Israel's war on Gaza provoked huge protests across the world. People are asking what the solution is for Palestine. It lies with the working class in the region, argues Anne Alexander. Recent...

Saree Makdisi

Israel's brutal attacks have inflicted untold suffering on Gaza's beleaguered population. Yet Israel, despite its military might, has not succeeded in its mission to smash Hamas, Saree Makdisi...

Joseph Choonara

Joseph Choonara looks at a new phase of the economic crisis that could see whole countries go bankrupt.

Naz Massoumi

With the failure of the "war on terror" has come an emboldened, increasingly influential Iran. But as world leaders look for ways to exert their authority on the country, Naz Massoumi looks at...

John Parrington

Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace formulated the theory of evolution and fought for its acceptance across the scientific community, writes John Parrington.


Letter from
by Kavita Krishnan

India's ruling class is growing ever closer to US imperialism, reports Kavita Krishnan.

In my view column
by Dave Crouch

The refusal of the BBC's top management to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Gaza aid appeal focused public anger over media coverage of the Israeli assault.

Union-made column
by Naina Kent

The recession is raising major concerns in all areas of government policy. The adult education sector is no exception. Over the past two years 1.5 million publicly funded adult learner places have...

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

India's growing economy has benefited a corrupt elite. But the masses only get poorer.

A-Z of Socialism
by Esme Choonara

In a world dominated by capitalist crisis and war the life and writings of Leon Trotsky can offer socialists some pointers on the way forward.


by Loki English

Rosa Luxemburg's contribution to progressive thought is a timely reminder of the challenges that face the European left (...

by Steve Henshall

The cutting of diplomatic ties with Israel by Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales has been an inspiration to the rest of the world. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets, calling upon their own...

by D Shepherd

Gary Younge writes about Barack Obama's historic victory (Socialist Review, December 2008). I believe it was...

by Larry Iles

There's no dissent from me from Mike Gonzalez's excellent appreciation of Studs Terkel (Obituary, Socialist Review...


by Sam West

Harold Pinter was the greatest writer of dramatic English we had. He wrote mouth-filling meals for actors, where what you want is who you are, and what you say to get it is provoked by what was...

by Roger Huddle

There is always opposition to the dominant culture - sometimes hidden, sometimes out in the open: a radical cultural tradition that accompanies our struggles for a different society, to give shape...


by Rita McLoughlin, by Lillian Faderman

Lesbians faced appalling official discrimination in the US in the 1950s. LGBT historian Lillian Faderman tells Rita Mcloughlin that although conditions have changed dramatically we still need to...


by Leo Zeilig

Jonathan Derrick, Hurst, £17.99

by Mary Brodbin

Marlene van Niekerk, Abacus, £9.99

by Alan Kenny

Bill Dunn, Pluto Press, £19.99

by Terry Sullivan

Adrian Desmond and James Moore, Allen Lane, £25

by Yuri Prasad

Stephen Pimpare, The New Press, £17.99

by Steve Henshall

Stephen Murdoch, Duckworth Overlook, £8.99


Gang Leader - Matter - Evolution - Chains

by Judith Orr

Director Sam Mendes; Release date: out now

by Sasha Simic

Director: Steven Soderbergh; Release date: out now

by Sue Sparks

Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa; Release date: out now

by Millie Fry

Director: John Patrick Shanley; Release date: 6 February

by Louis Bayman

Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan; Release date: 13 February

by Clare Fermont

Director: Clint Eastwood; Release date: 20 February

by Ben Windsor

Director: Woody Allen; Release date: 6 February

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Mongrel - Gomorrah - Seven Jewish Children - Le Corbusier - Manufacturing Consent