Socialist Review issue

February 2010 #344



by Joseph Choonara

Britain is likely to see some weak and fragile economic recovery in early 2010, but the crisis will continue to shape politics in the months ahead...

by Patrick Ward

"Google strikes a blow to China's Great Firewall." This gushing headline, from the Guardian, sums up recent press coverage of the internet search...

by Ian Taylor

The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War reached a stage few may have foreseen as Socialist Review went to press, with Tony Blair poised to appear...

by Eamonn McCann

"Both Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionist Party now find themselves unable to call on the fierce communal loyalism which helped them contain the...

by Patrick Ward

Conservative Future members are gearing up for the compassionate conservatism (sic) they hope awaits us.

by Patrick Ward

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light...


Mike Gonzalez

After the earthquake struck, the people of Haiti needed food, water and shelter - instead they got US troops and predatory corporations. Haiti's problems are not just a result of a natural...

Andrew Taylor

Communication is incredibly difficult. Cell phones may work for an hour a day but people are finding it difficult to charge batteries. They can buy credit online but most don't have money.

John Pilger

The theft of Haiti has been swift and crude.


Locked in an Alpine castle, Toussaint L'Ouverture died in April 1803 having led the slave insurrection of Saint-Domingue and challenged French domination of the Caribbean.


Haiti's debt by numbers


Haiti requires emergency aid, but not at gunpoint. It needs food and water, doctors, nurses and medical supplies, construction, machinery and technical help, all without conditions.

Dominic Kouros

In July last year thousands of ordinary Iranians took to the streets to demonstrate against tyranny and repression. Now, as the West seeks to impose sanctions, Dominic Kouros argues that the...

Jonny Jones

In favour: "Hold your nose"

Daniel Gott

Against: "A waste of time"

Tim Nelson

Since the attempted bombing of a plane over Detroit, Yemen has hit the headlines, with many fearing that it may become the latest target in the US "war on terror". Drawing on the history of...

Patrick Acureuil, Pepijn Brandon

After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the sinister private security company (PSC) Blackwater was hired to provide armed mercenaries with a licence to kill in order to protect stores and private...

Mike Gonzalez

The staggering poverty in which the vast majority of Port-au-Prince's population live is a shock to anyone. Yet it is not because of some peculiar Haitian backwardness but the result of centuries...


Letter from
by Tamara Ruiz

In the wake of controversial proposals by the Spanish government, Tamara Ruiz reports on the fight for abortion rights

In my view column
by Lindsey German

I was struck by an obituary in the Guardian a few months ago. It was in the "Other Lives" section, where friends and family write in to celebrate the lives of people who were their own "local...

Union-made column
by Ian Allinson

The image of work in the IT industry is dominated by the clever nerd lacking social skills and the highly paid consultant.

In perspective column
by Jane Hardy

In the face of the economic crisis, many politicians are blaming migrant workers. But what is the truth behind the racist rhetoric, asks Jane Hardy.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu is hardly a household name in Britain, but he truly is one of the world's greatest directors.


by Virginia Rodino

The election of Republican Scott Brown to the US Senate is the first real indicator that sections of a longstanding liberal electorate have lost belief in the Democratic Party's version of "hope"...

by John Witzenfeld

One of the revelations at the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war was the statement by Geoff Hoon, the former defence...

by Dermot Smyth

Socialists should welcome Barack Obama's initiative to ban banks from investing primary deposits in hedge funds, private equity or the casino of investment banking.


by Gilbert Achcar

French revolutionary and intellectual Daniel Bensaïd died last month. Gilbert Achcar pays tribute to his life and work


by Mike Gonzalez

Roberto Bolaño, Picador; £20

by Julie Sherry

Natasha Walters, Virago, £12.99

by Paul Blackledge

Perry Anderson, Verso, £24.99

by Hassan Mahamdallie

Manning Marable, Verso, £12.99

by Jacqui Freeman

Nina Power, Zero Books, £7.99

by Alan Kenny

Max Schaefer, Granta, £12.99

by Sarah Ensor

Barbara Ehrenreich, Granta, £10.99

by Martin Empson

Edited by Steffen Böhm and Siddhartha Dabhi, Mayfly Books, £10

by Tony Staunton

James J Brittain, Pluto Press, £18.99

by Dan Mayer

István Mészáros, Bookmarks, £9.99

by Andrew Stone

Danilo Zolo, Verso, £14.99

by Beccy Reese

Kim Stanley Robinson, PM Press, £8.99


Spirit Level - Armies - Alone in Berlin - Blackout

by Antonietta Torsielloe

Director Lee Daniels, Release date: out now

by Louis Bayman

Director Clint Eastwood, Release date: 5 February

by Beth Stone

Director Agnès Varda, Release date: 22 February

by Shirin Hirsch

Director Patricio Guzmán, Release date: out now

Five Things Listing

Van Gogh - Slaves - Afro Modern - Birdwatchers - Enron

Art / Exhibitions
by Ben Windsor

Victoria and Albert Museum

Art / Exhibitions
by Colin Wilson

Graves Gallery, Sheffield