Socialist Review issue

February 2011 #355



by Amy Leather

The shock resignation of Alan Johnson as Labour's shadow chancellor and the appointment of Ed Balls to the post has brought to the fore Labour's...

by Patrick Ward

Last month brought the revelation that at least four undercover police officers had been operating within the environmental and anti-capitalist...

by Patrick Ward

Government plans to sell Britain's forests have run up against massive opposition from the public.

by Mark L Thomas

Global food prices are once again rising sharply. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's monthly index of agricultural commodity prices...

by Patrick Ward

One Hyde Park, the new apartment block in Knightsbridge, will offer London some much needed new housing stock.

by Patrick Ward

Israel's attack on the Gaza-bound aid ships in international waters which left nine activists dead last May was perfectly legal - according to...

by Patrick Ward

From one whitewash to another. The Iraq Inquiry heard more evidence from Tony Blair.


Anne Alexander, Hela Yousfi, Fathi Chamki, Dominic Kavakeb

The revolt in Tunisia has sent shivers down the spines of dictators across the region. Anne Alexander looks at the roots of the revolution and considers its broader implications, while Tunisian...

Pat Stack

Pat Stack argues that the media frenzy about direct action at recent student protests is based on the assumption that state violence is legitimate - and that we don't have the right to win

Mark L Thomas

The student protests and actions against corporate tax-dodgers have posed the question of how best to organise a movement against government cuts and fees. Mark L Thomas argues that coordinated...


Letter from
by Phil Rushton

With Silvio Berlusconi's government embroiled in fresh controversy, new struggles are taking off, writes Phil Rushton.

In my view column
by Michael Rosen

Libraries have become one of the expendable, junkable parts of modern capitalism.

Union-made column
by Steve Underhill

The female workers among Birmingham's refuse collection staff have been underpaid for years. They rightly put in equal pay claims and claiming for back pay, and this can range from £30,000 to £60,...

In perspective column
by Laura Miles

LGBT history month was launched after the scrapping of the Tories' Section 28 legislation. But, six years on, Tory cuts will hit LGBT people hard.

Revolutionary Lessons
by Julie Sherry

Julie Sherry argues that the working class still has the power to change society.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

What makes someone a great artist? Surely one of the criteria has to be to what extent they have revolutionised their art form. On that measure alone the trumpeter Miles Davis must be regarded as...


Education - China - Unions


by Jack Farmer, by Alan Kenny, by Owen Hatherley

New Labour placed great emphasis on urban regeneration, but with deeply conflicting results. Owen Hatherley spoke to Alan Kenny and Jack Farmer about his new book and Britain's ruinous...


by Ben Windsor

The Feminist Press, $24.95

by Mark Harvey

Edited by Costas Douzinas and Slavoj Žižek, Verso, £14.99

by Jonny Jones

John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark and Richard York, Monthly Review Press, £14.95

by Sarah Ensor

Raj Patel, Portobello Books, £8.99

by Francine Koubel

Yuki Tanaka and Marilyn B Young (eds), The New Press, £14.99

by Ron Senchak

Cathy Wilkerson, Seven Stories Press, £12.99

by Mark Dunk

Alan Doig, Willan, £22.99

by Sarah Creagh

Jon Stephen Fink, Cutting Edge Press, £9.99

by Jake Pace-Lawrie

Mickey Huff, Peter Phillips and Project Censored (eds), Seven Stories Press, £13.99

by Charlotte Bence

Sara Shilo, Portobello Books, £12.99


Red April - Zeitoun - Memory Cage - I am a Bird

by Gareth Jenkins

Director: Rowan Joffe, Release date: 4 February

by Belinda Affat

Director: Andy DeEmmony, Release date: 25 February

by Ed Ward

Director: David O Russell, Release date: 4 February

by Keira Brown

Director: Mohamed Al Daradji, Release date: 11 February

by Adam Thomas

Director: Emmanuel Laurent, Release date: 11 February

by Adam Marks

Directors: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Release date: 25 February

by Ruairidh MacLean

Director: Charles Ferguson, Release date: 18 February

by Beccy Reese

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