Socialist Review issue

February 2013 #377



by Michael Lavalette

Over the next few weeks councils across the country will meet to vote on budgets that, if passed, will instigate the most savage cuts to services...

by Estelle Cooch

The Financial Times is not always known as the home of radical research, but now and then it publishes some home truths that have the Tories...

by Simon Assaf

The western Iraqi city of Fallujah has come to symbolise US defeat in Iraq. Now it has once again become the centre of rebellion.

by Hakima Aouragh, by Mo Achahbar

"The people demand the fall of the regime" now echoes through the streets of Morocco too. The movement against the Moroccan regime is growing. The...


Alex Callinicos

Do revolutionary parties, like the Socialist Workers Party, that draw on the method of organising developed by Lenin and the Bolsheviks still fit in the twenty first century? Alex Callinicos...

Sameh Naguib

In recent months thousands of Egyptians have protested against President Mohamed Morsi. Sameh Naguib, a leading Egyptian revolutionary socialist, argues that the liberals and Muslim Brotherhood...

Goretti Horgan

The recent flag protests by Loyalists in Belfast have underlined the continuing sectarian nature of the Northern Irish state. Goretti Horgan looks at the history of Loyalism and asks how...


In my view column
by Josh Hollands

The story of gay activist Harvey Milk is one of the most inspiring episodes of in the fight for LGBT liberation

Culture column
by Brian Richardson

Two of Hollywood's heavyweight directors are slugging it out for the prestigious best film award at the annual Academy Awards ceremony. The favourite is Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg. Also...


Spotlight on Ireland I read with interest the article by Sheila McGregor about the roots of child abuse. When Marx wrote about alienation at work and in the family he was describing the...


by Michael Bradley

The retreat by union leaders over the pensions struggle shaped last year. What are the prospects for a renewal of resistance in 2013? Socialist Review spoke to Michael Bradley, from the SWP's...


Classic reads
by Camilla Royle

Lenin finished writing State and Revolution in September 1917. At the time the fate of the Russian Revolution hung in the balance. After the February Revolution overthrew the Tsar, the country was...

by Estelle Cooch

Edited by Mike Gonzalez

by Leo Zeilig

Mark Weston

by Moyra Samuels

Peter Alexander, Thapelo Lekgowa, Botsang Mmope, Luke Sinwell and Bongani Xezwi

by Ellen Clifford

Katharine Quarmby

by Miriyam Aouragh

Paolo Gerbaudo

by Jaouhar Tonsy

Edited by: Bassam Haddad, Rosie Bsheer, Ziad Abu-Rish

by Arnie Joahill

Hella S Haase

by Julie Bremner

Timothy Kurek

by Anthony Killick

Anthony Killick, one of the organisers of the Bristol Radical Film Festival (25 February - 3 March), writes about how the festival aims to promote politically engaged cinema

by Sally Campbell

Lore begins at the moment the German war effort collapsed in spring 1945 and US, Russian and British forces swept across the land.

Lore, a girl of about 13, must take charge of her four...

by Louis Bayman

Jeff Simpson and Ben Timlett

by Andrew Stone

A cop show with a lead called Cameron may not sound enticing to readers of this magazine, but stay with me. For a start, Continuum reinvigorates the tired police procedural format with a time-...

Art / Exhibitions
by Annette Mackin

W.H. Auden once called crime fiction "an addiction like alcohol and tobacco" - a vice to be furtively consumed in secret. This is a commonly held view of the genre.