Socialist Review issue

January 2004 #281

Another left is possible


by Editorial

The seizure of Saddam Hussein last month was heralded as a great victory for Bush and his 'coalition of the willing'. George Bush said in his post...

by Anne Ashford

The Cairo conference brought to a close a momentous year for the global anti-war movement. Over 1,000 activists from Europe, North America and...

GM manufacturers sell their wares in school - Nuclear screw loose in Madrid - Advertisers scan shoppers' brains

by Kevin Ovenden

Political turmoil was the outcome of elections in the Turkish northern part of Cyprus last month.

by Gareth Jenkins

The European Union's expansion from ten to 25 this year did not get off to an auspicious start.

by Weyman Bennett

Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary, Unite Against Fascism"

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) represents the biggest mobilisation of anti-Nazi forces...


Julie Bundy

As the left unity coalition forms nationally, Julie Bundy speaks to Harlow activists about how they are bringing together the local anti-war movement and ex Labour members to challenge New Labour...

Michael Lavalette

The latest British Social Attitudes survey contains many indicators that our strategy is correct - and a few surprises.


Declaration and call for a National Convention to found an alternative to New Labour

Chris Harman

China's embrace of the market is cited as evidence that this is the model for Third World countries. Chris Harman looks at the reality behind the hype.

Chanie Rosenberg

Chanie Rosenberg looks at a new book exposing the scandal of the US working poor.


by Martin Empson

The phenomenon of internet web diaries (blogs) recently hit the news through the activities of the 'Baghdad Blogger'.

by The Walrus

Gordon Brown revives a Tory idea about regional pay

by Mike Davis

US Democrats want to use anti-war feelings to boost their ratings.

by Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez commemorates the extraordinary music of the Buena Vista Social Club.

by Pat Stack

Pat Stack stakes out the films likely to impress the Academy.


by Name supplied

Last month the French president, Jacques Chirac, gave his go-ahead for a law banning all conspicuous religious and political signs at school and in public services.

by Tom Cuthbert

By now Socialist Review readers will be aware of the furore ignited by letters to the Guardian by Jimmy Barnes, who preempted this release in a paper, 'Big Problems in the Peace...

by Jamie Rankin

In response to Neil Davidson ('They Took the High Road', December SR), it is as legitimate to feel that Scotland has been oppressed by England since 1296 as it is to believe that Ireland has been...

by Emma Hall, by Fergus Nichol

In his otherwise excellent article 'Beyond the Crossroads' (December SR), Paul Foot's characterisation of the Socialist Alliance is flawed.

by Keith Flett

As an activist in Connect, the telecoms union, I was one of those responsible for drawing up and pushing through the union's conference policy on the offshoring of jobs that the Walrus refers to (...


by Hassan Mahamdallie, by Benjamin Zephaniah

Hassan Mahamdallie speaks to Benjamin Zephaniah about the poet and author's art and politics.


by Geoff Brown

Review of "Absolute Friends", John Le Carré, Hodder £18.99

by Ian Birchall

Review of "The Prophet Armed", "The Prophet Unarmed" and "The Prophet Outcast", Isaac Deutscher, Verso £15 each

by Hussain Ismail

Review of "Obsolescent Capitalism", Samir Amin, Zed Books £14.95

by Chris Bambery

Review of "Fatal Silence", Robert Katz, Weidenfeld & Nicolson £20

by Dave Davies

Review of "Workers' Control", Ken Coates, Spokesman £7.99

by Nancy Lindisfarne

Review of "Hideous Dream", Stan Goff, Soft Skull Press £13.99

by Fergus Alexander

Review of "A Civilian Occupation", editors Rafi Segal and Eyal Weizman, Verso £13

by Mícheál Campbell

Review of "Mother Teresa", Aroup Chatterjee, Meteor £9.99

by Dave Waller

Review of "After the New Economy", Doug Henwood, The New Press £16.95

by Adam Marks

Review of "Incoherent Empire", Michael Mann, Verso £15

by Adam Marks

Review of "The Last Samurai", director Edward Zwick

by Nigel Davey

Review of "Tokyo Story", director Yasujiro Ozu

by Nick Grant

Review of "Casa de los Babys", director John Sayles

by Mark Brown, by Adriano Shaplin

An Interview with Adriano Shaplin

by Keith McKenna

Radical theatre in 2003

by Anthony Casey

Review of "Sonic Jihad" by Paris