Socialist Review issue

January 2013 #376

Press freedom


by Danny Dorling

In his first autumn statement, on 29 November 2010, George Osborne, then aged 39, announced the detail of the economic measures that would begin...

by Estelle Cooch

Managers of McDonalds and other fast food restaurants were not "lovin' it" in New York last month when hundreds of employees walked out in...

by Mark Dunk

A raft of attacks on benefits are set to come into force this April. These will affect millions of the poorest people in Britain and will have a...

by Estelle Cooch

He has been compared to Barack Obama. Lean, suave and confident, the new governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo (nicknamed Jokowi) has proved not only "...


Dave Crouch

Should socialists support the findings of the Leveson inquiry? Dave Crouch argues that real freedom of the press should not be the freedom of powerful media owners to exercise influence, break...

Mark L Thomas

Marx was a prolific journalist - but he has been cited by different people as either a Stalinist censor or a liberal defender of the press. Mark L Thomas looks at what Marx said about press...

Sue Sparks

After the appalling revelations about child abuse by Jimmy Savile and others the BBC has been plunged into crisis. Yet some of those attacking the BBC are media magnates and newspapers who would...

Jonathan Collier

Health workers in Barcelona have occupied their hospital in protest against cuts.
Jonathan Collier reports

Jonathan Maunder

Strong votes for the United Kingdom Indepedence Party (UKIP) in recent by-elections has led to speculation that Britain may have shifted to the right. Jonathan Maunder argues that, although UKIP's...

Sheila McGregor

Recent sexual abuse scandals have highlighted the vulnerability of children in care and the collusion of the state in covering it up. But, argues Sheila McGregor, child abuse is not the result of...


In my view column
by Mark L Thomas

With many unprofitable companies avoiding bankruptcy, can capitalism rise from the dead?

In my view column
by Brian Richardson

Why has racism returned to the "beautiful game"?

Culture column
by Noel Halifax

Looting, robbery and pillage are the norm not just in the sea off Somalia, but in the refined world of art, and this has always been the case. The great museums of the world are largely deposits...


Corporate swines Remember tamiflu - our one and only hope against swine flu? The British government spent upward of £500 million stockpiling a drug for which there is no conclusive evidence...


by Owen Hatherley

Architect (1907-2012)


Classic reads
by Irem Aksu

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were commissioned in late 1847 to draw up a manifesto by the Communist League, the first international working class organisation. The resulting pamphlet that calls...

by Lois JC

Sarah Schulman

by Anna Roik

James Marriott and Mika Minio-Paluello

by Beck Pitt

István Mészáros

by Sally Kincaid

Hsiao-Hung Pai

by Martin Empson

Brian S Roper

by Mark Bergfeld

Sasha Lilley, David McNally, Eddie Yuen, and James Davis

by Nick Grant

Neal Curtis

by Andy Cunningham

Alexander Bogdanov

by Jack Farmer

By playwright Martin Crimp

Art / Exhibitions
by Ruairidh MacLean

John Soane was an architect who came to prominence in the late Georgian era. During a career that straddled one of the greatest periods of social unrest in British history, Soane was responsible...

Art / Exhibitions
by Socialist Review

Kezler Gallery, the Hamptons, US