Socialist Review issue

January 2016 #409

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Inter-Imperial Crash


Anti-war movement
by Sally Campbell
Heading into 2016 we are confronted with a world characterised by continuing war and chaos in the Middle East, a refugee crisis exacerbated by those...
"Pay to play"
by Michael Lavalette
A recently published report by the London School of Economics, Moving the Goalposts, looks at the impact of austerity and growing inequality on young...


Welcome to Syria
Simon Assaf

Last month Britain joined the many states dropping bombs on Syria. Simon Assaf talks to Socialist Review about the causes and implications of a crisis in which none of the players have control....

Jeremy Corbyn
Shaun Doherty

In the face of the Blairites' and the media's continuing vicious assault on Jeremy Corbyn, socialists - whether inside or outside the Labour Party - have a duty to stand up in defence of the...

David Cameron targets Muslims
Saba Shiraz aka Kali Rayt

Socialists and anti-racists must counter the Tories' Prevent strategy and the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act.

Notting Hill in the 1950s
Rick Blackman

A pioneering anti-racist organisation was founded by musicians in the aftermath of the 1958 Notting Hill riots. It's time that the Stars Campaign for Interracial Friendship got its due.


Student struggle
by Chris Newlove
During the last 100 years universities have shifted from training grounds of the ruling class to become significant sites of struggle. The number of people going to universities has significantly...
Paris climate talks
by Amy Leather
There was much build up, for participants and campaigners alike, to the COP 21 climate talks that took place in Paris in December. The outcome of two weeks of deliberation by 196 countries, now known...
Workers fought the fascists in the Spanish Civil War
by Donny Gluckstein

Hilary Benn's much lauded speech for war on Syria needs to be challenged, not just for promoting imperialism, but for using anti-fascist rhetoric to sow confusion on the left.

by Joseph Choonara

The government is trying to drive a wedge between hard anti-racists and the wider layer who have supported refugees

LGSM banner
by Nicola Field

Nicola Field is working with independent LGBT+ publisher Dog Horn Publishing to bring out a new edition of her 1995 book Over the Rainbow. She talks to SR about why the book is needed now more...


by Tony Barnsley
Julie Sherry’s article on the state of industrial struggle in Britain today (December SR) was generally excellent. But it is really important to accurately assess the mood among workers. Looking...
by Andy Beckett
In his intermittently fair review of my book Promised You a Miracle: UK80-82 (December SR) Kevin Devine suggested that I hadn’t included Paul Weller’s band the Style Council because their left wing...
by Stephen Mclean
I found Julie Sherry over generous in her review of the film adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s iconic novel Sunset Song (December SR). Julie is right to describe the novel as crushingly...


by Mark L Thomas

Some books are wrong, but in interesting ways. This is such a work.

Mike Savage and a team of colleagues were the authors of the Great British Class Survey, which they claim as the biggest...

by Sally Kincaid

Last summer I witnessed the symptoms of the slowdown in the Chinese economy: huge building projects in the city of Chongqing with few working on site; the subway system in Lijiang, which also...

by Gareth Jenkins

Jonathan Coe has always been good at a comic “state of the nation” novel, as this sequel of sorts to his 1994 novel, What A Carve Up!, shows.

Connecting the two books is the same Winshaw...

by Mike Simons

Margaret Thatcher declared war on those she deemed “The Enemy Within”. She used the phrase most notably about the miners during the 1984-85 Great Strike, but they were far from her only target....

by Jeff Jackson

The late Paul Foot’s great championing of Shelley recognises him as a revolutionary but also celebrates his ideas and poems, and seeks to show their relevance to the world we live in today....

by Tony Phillips

This Socialist Senator’s campaign to be president shows that the appetite for a left wing alternative to establishment neoliberal politics is as strong in the US as it is in Britain, Greece and...

by John Newsinger

Many years ago there were those on the left who argued that the working class in the US, Japan and Europe had to be written off politically and that the agency of revolutionary change was now the...

by Xanthe Rose

In France the left has often defended secularism at the expense of defending Muslims against racism.

Delphy, a feminist, anti-racist and important figure in the French anti-war movement,...

by Paddy Nielsen

This is an enthralling study of class struggle in France.

It is littered with examples of ordinary people fighting back, whether it was during the French Revolution against absolutism, or...

by Yuri Prasad

No socialist interested in South Asia and the British Empire should be without this myth-busting book.

Meticulously researched and argued, Mukherjee focuses upon the Bengal famines of the...

by Brian Richardson

Marlon James’s wonderful novel A Brief History of Seven Killings was the worthy winner of last year’s Man Booker prize. It takes as its starting point a dramatic real life event — the attempted...

Art / Exhibitions
by Ken Olende

At first the idea of an exhibition of art relating to the British Empire sounds deeply off-putting. Is it a collection of images celebrating imperial conquest? While it does contain such paintings...

by Peter Robinson

The visibility of trans people has taken great leaps in the past couple of years. The release of The Danish Girl is well timed to continue that trend.

Lili Elbe was born Einar Wegener in...

by Sheila McGregor

It’s not that we aren’t aware of scandals and cover-ups around paedophilia and the Catholic church. And in Britain the Jimmy Savile scandal demonstrated that it isn’t only the Catholic church...

by Sally Campbell

This eight-part spy thriller is said to be auguring a golden age for German TV — and it’s been a long time coming.

The series will air on Channel 4 and is the first show to launch its...

by Sarah Bates

Pop music is political again. If it’s not that X Factor alumni Little Mix tweeted against the bombing of Syria, it’s that one of the most critically acclaimed records of the year is about climate...

by Liz Wheatley

Unlike September’s poorly-received Phase One this surprise end-of-year release is a step away from digital production and back to the classic funky analogue sounds that Prince does so well.