Socialist Review issue

July / August 2009 #338

Political meltdown


by Judith Orr

Beware talk of "green shoots" in the economy. Even if they prove to be real, job losses will continue to rise for some time to come.

by Martin Empson

The irrationality of capitalism was starkly exposed in April when, despite massively increasing its profits for the first three months of the year...

by Jenny Sutton

In education, young people from working class backgrounds are struggling with overcrowded classrooms, poor resources and overstretched teachers...

by Maxine Bowler

Labour voters stayed home in droves in June's European elections. They simply didn't have a credible alternative to get them to the polling...

by Patrick Ward

If nothing else, Labour is unlikely to suffer embarrassment from dodgy donations this year.

by Patrick Ward

There is at least one area of the economy doing well.


Alex Callinicos

The economic and political crises have undermined the legitimacy of mainstream politics, argues Alex Callinicos. As Labour's support crashes can the left offer answers?

Peyman Jafari

Iranians have taken to the streets as the divisions in the ruling class have sharpened into open conflict, writes Peyman Jafari.

Ali Hassan, Gul Pasand

Ali Hassan and Gul Pasand of International Socialists Pakistan visited the Jalala refugee camp near Peshawar and found a mood to organise against the military assault.

Anindya Bhattacharyya

How do we challenge the Nazi British National Party now that it has won two seats in the European parliament and is attempting to appear part of the mainstream? Anindya Bhattacharyya argues we...


Letter from
by Goretti Horgan

Attacks on Roma families have shocked many, argues Goretti Horgan. But politicians must shoulder much of the blame.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The long shadow of the Iraq war still hangs over British politics.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

The people of Poland demanded democracy in 1989 - but 20 years on the economy is still controlled by a tiny elite.

Culture column
by Mike Gonzalez

Phèdre, National Theatre, London, until 27 August

A-Z of Socialism
by Paul Blackledge

Marxism was born of a synthesis of the most advanced aspects of bourgeois social theory: English political economy, French socialism and German classical philosophy.


by Frank Adam

Terry Eagleton's The Gods Look Down was certainly one of the more acute and useful books I ever used, but to ask whether the "new atheists" are attacking immigrant communities for their religion (...

by Thomas Weiss

With The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell has written an important book (Books, Socialist Review, May 2009).

by David Groves

It's always good to read articles like Phil Rushton's (Frontlines, Socialist Review, June 2009).

by Ian Birchall

I am currently completing a biography of the late Tony Cliff and I am still trying to fill a few gaps.


by Keith Flett

John Saville, who has died aged 93, was a towering figure in the fields of Marxist and labour history, and in the British labour movement and the left, for more than seven decades.


by Christophe Chataigné, by Cary Fukunaga

Sin Nombre tells the story of a Honduran immigrant family on a dangerous train journey through Mexico to the US. US filmmaker Cary Fukunaga talks to Christophe Chataigné about his astounding and...


by Jonny Jones

Chris Harman, Bookmarks Publications; £16.99

by Kelly Hilditch

John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review; £13.95

by Iain Ferguson

Alex Callinicos, Polity; £16.99

by Jonathan Maunder

Georg Lukács, Verso; £6.99

by Chris Bambery

Edward Vallance, Little, Brown; £25

by Adam Fabry

Archie Brown, The Bodley Head; £25

by James Haywood

Naji al-Ali, Verso; £9.99

by Ian Mitchell

Norman Strike, Bookmarks Publications; £8


Belching out the Devil - Turnaround - Two Good Thieves - Stuff that Scares your Pants off!

by Paul Burnham

Anna Minton, Penguin; £9.99

by Seb Cooke

Mark Bould, Wallflower Press; £16.99

by Matt Perry

Matthew Cobb, Simon & Schuster; £17.99

by Charlie Hore

Martin Jacques, Allen Lane; £25.00

by Jacqui Freeman

Director Claire Denis; Release date: 10 July

by Louis Bayman

Director Abbas Kiarostami; Release date: out now

by Millie Fry

Director Courtney Hunt; Release date: 17 July

Art / Exhibitions
by Neil Roberts

City Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, until 31 August

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