Socialist Review issue

June 2003 #275

Young, gifted and abck


by Editorial

Whatever happened to the 'Baghdad bounce?'

by Nicolai Gentchev

Tony Blair's government was due to announce the result of the Treasury's 'five economic tests on the euro' on 9 June, after bitter rows within New...

Supermarket labelling - Saddam Hussein's banjo sold on the internet - CBI's fat cat jargon - Tory website bargains

by Paul Foot

The last time there was a crisis in the international stockmarket they made a film about it.

by Fran Cetti

Although Britain hosts just 2 percent of the world's refugees - 0.3 percent of its population - the asylum debate is imbued with a dangerous...

by Andrew Stone

Education minister Charles Clarke's idea of school life as a 'magical experience' is not one that many school students - or their teachers or...


Rob Hoveman

Cabinet resignations, backbench rebellions and increasing public anger are all making life difficult for the government. Rob Hoveman views the prospects for the left.

Carlo Morelli, Joe Hartney, Mike Gonzalez, Michael Lavalette

Carlo Morelli, Joe Hartney and Mike Gonzalez examine the success of the Scottish socialists, while Michael Lavalette explains how he won in Preston.

Jim Wolfreys

Although in the May 2003 local elections the British National Party (BNP) achieved the biggest fascist vote since the late 1970s - its 221 candidates polled around 100,000 votes - it failed to...

Martin Smith

There is a golden opportunity for the trade union movement to revitalise itself, and rebuilding grassroots networks is the key.

Bryan Masters

Bryan Masters pays tribute to cameraman James Miller who was killed in Gaza last month.

Phil Marshall

Anger against Mubarak's regime is growing.

Tony Cliff

The third volume of Tony Cliff's selected writings is now available and contains this extract on the family, first published in 1984.

Lindsey German

Lindsey German celebrates the re-release of 'The Leopard', the classic film about the conflict between the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie during the creation of Italy.


by Martin Empson

'It's been said that dreams are our road maps to the future. If so, where are we headed?' So starts the 'About Us' section of the Common Dreams website, www....

by The Walrus

The only way to win a union election is to berate New Labour.

by Chris Harman

The recent election in Argentina teaches us lessons on how to organise.

by Mike Gonzalez

Socialism without freedom is not worthy of the name.

by Pat Stack

Britain's filthy role in Northern Ireland is exposed by the Stakeknife affair.


by Dan Mayer

Graeme Kemp and Alan Woodward (Letters, May SR) raise a number of interesting questions about the nature of workers' democracy.

by Ian Birchall

Graeme Kemp and Alan Woodward (May SR) are quite right that my short piece on workers' democracy (April SR) left many questions unresolved.

by Simon Basketter

John Rees's article (May SR) should be a starting point for an active debate about the tasks for socialists in the coming months.


by Haifa Zangana, by Noori Bashir, by Hani Lazim

We interview three Iraqi activists about the current situation there.


by Martin Smith

Review of 'Reefer Madness', Eric Schlosser, Penguin £10.99

by Solomon Hughes

Review of 'Power Failure', Mimi Swartz and Sherron Watkins, Aurum Press £14.99

by Mubin Haq

Review of 'Race and Revolution', Max Shachtman, Verso £14

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'Red Sky at Night', eds. Andy Croft and Adrian Mitchell, Five Leaves £9.99

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'The Country Under My Skin', Gioconda Belli, Bloomsbury £7.99

by Chris Bambery

Review of 'The French and Italian Communist Parties', Cyrille Guiat, Frank Cass £39.50

by Nick Grant

Review of 'Shooting People', Sam Brenton and Reuben Cohen, Verso £12

by Chris Nineham

Review of 'One No, Many Yeses', Paul Kingsnorth, The Free Press £10

by Joseph Choonara

Review of 'Matrix Reloaded', directors Larry and Andy Wachowski

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'To Kill a King', director Mike Barker

by Tom Wall

Review of 'Lilya 4-Ever', director Lukas Moodysson

by Nigel Davey

Review of 'Max', director Menno Meyers

by Shaun Doherty

Review of 'Henry V', director Nicholas Hytner, National Theatre, London

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'Jerry Springer: The Opera', director Stewart Lee, National Theatre, London