Socialist Review issue

June 2007 #315

Howard Zinn


by Michael Lavalette

Our election campaign in Preston was based on our record over the last four years; a record of combining local issues with national and...

by James Eaden

Shirebrook is a former mining town in the North Derbyshire district of Bolsover, a rock solid Labour town at the heart of Dennis Skinner's...

by Ingrid Lamprecht

Guatemalan teachers have held several strikes this year against attempts by President Oscar Berger to privatise Guatemala's 17,400 state schools...

by Hsiao-Hung Pai

"We don't get paid wages here," said a waiter at Chinatown's Furama Restaurant. "We only have tips of around £200 a week. The service charge goes...

by Patrick Ward

Former defence minister Geoff Hoon has admitted to making mistakes over Iraq, but it was all Dick Cheney's fault.

by Patrick Ward

Prisoners in Orange County, California, will no longer have to stay in crowded cells or miss mobile phone calls - if they have money.

by Patrick Ward

People who get sacked from low paid jobs have nobody to blame but themselves, says Ken Livingstone.


Francis Beckett, Alasdair Smith

As mainstream politicians line up behind business driven schools, author Francis Beckett and teacher Alasdair Smith check the small print and discuss how to stop the schemes.

Judith Orr, Michael Bradley

The decision by Labour MPs to deny party members the chance to choose their new leader means Gordon Brown will take office at the end of June. Judith Orr looks at the problems he will face and the...


Letter from
by Olivier Besancenot

The severe electoral defeat of the left doesn't automatically mean a social defeat, argues Olivier Besancenot of the Ligue Communiste RÃvolutionnaire (LCR).

In my view column
by Lindsey German

Will Gordon Brown pull the troops out of Iraq? He'd be a fool if he didn't try.

Union-made column
by Billy Hayes

Wayne Rooney and I share something in common: not the football team he supported as a child (Everton) - and certainly not the one he plays for now - but the school he attended, Gillmoss School in...

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

The three main contenders for France's presidency last month were in agreement over one thing - the need for economic reform and increased accommodation for market forces.

A-Z of Socialism
by Pat Stack

When I was a young man way back in the days when Blair was a much loved performer and Brown was noted for his twin ambitions to be leader of the Labour Party and to drink Westminster dry (I speak...


by Rob Hoveman, by Graham Turner

Chris Harman is right to say that Gordon Brown is very lucky (In Perspective, May Socialist Review).

by Alan Watts

Why is it that just before the second round of the French elections Chris Harman tells Socialist Review...

by Peter Waterman

Having just read Live Working or Die Fighting I was happy to see the enthusiastic review (Feature, Socialist Review...

by Paul O'Keeffe

Am I the only one who was disturbed by the penultimate paragraph of Beccy Reese's otherwise excellent review of Joel Kovel's Overcoming Zionism (Books...

by Beccy Reese

I wholeheartedly agree with Paul O'Keeffe that criticism of Zionism must be separated from anti-Semitism.


by Judith Orr

Pathbreaking historian and political activist Howard Zinn talks to Judith Orr about his life, war, class politics and taking sides.


by Matt Foot

When George Bush opened his offshore prison camp of Guantanamo in January 2002, he was proclaiming to the world that he and the US were above the law.

by Stirling Howieson

Eyal Weizman, Verso, £19.99

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Andrew Cockburn, Verso, £17.99

by Ingrid Lamprecht

Helen Oyeyemi, Bloomsbury, £;12.99

by Brian Richardson

Kester Aspden, Jonathan Cape, £12.99

by Ghassan Makarem

Fawwaz Traboulsi, Pluto Press, £16.99

by Tony Staunton

Editors Michael Lavalette and Iain Ferguson, Venture Press, £15.95

by Ken Muller

Francis Beckett, Continuum, £16.99

by Beth Stone

Alice McDermott, Bloomsbury, £10.99

by Simon Basketter

David Kynaston, Bloomsbury, £25

by Patrick Ward

Bernard Mandel, University of Illinois Press, £14.99

by Judith Orr

Sara Paretsky, Verso, £12.99


Good books at affordable prices.

by Esme Choonara

Director: Deepa Mehta

by Katya Nasim

Director: Chris Atkins

by Louis Bayman

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

by Mike Wayne

Director: John Pilger

by Martin Smith

Every generation has produced musical heroes who have been willing to wear their political hearts on their sleeves.