Socialist Review issue

June 2008 #326

Is Britain moving to the right?


by Silumko Radebe

Activists in Johannesburg are organising their local communities to oppose the recent violent attacks on foreigners there, Silumko Radebe from the...

by Alex Cobham

Christian Aid's recent report, Death and Taxes, exposes the role of multinationals in conning poor countries out of vital tax revenue.

by Claire Foot

Each week we face sensationalist media headlines about the danger of online predators and paedophiles who stalk the internet to prey on children...

by Ed Warburton

As Socialist Review went to press protesters were due to converge on Heathrow in a demonstration to oppose the airport's expansion.

by Patrick Ward

"I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in...

by Patrick Ward

In 1989 Westminster Council voted to expel homeless families from the borough's hostels. They were transferred to asbestos-ridden tower blocks in...


Lindsey German

Labour's crushing election defeats and the increase in the vote for the Nazi BNP has led some to believe the country is drifting rightwards. Lindsey German opens our analysis of the situation by...

Charlie Kimber

Many workers are gaining confidence to join the resistance to pay cuts and privatisation. Charlie Kimber assesses the pressure on Gordon Brown from below.

Judith Orr

The recent local elections saw the BNP gain ten councillors and a London Assembly member. Judith Orr puts these results in context, and argues that the fascists can, and must, be stopped once more...

Glyn Robbins

The abandonment of council housing building has worsened dramatically the housing crisis, both socially and financially. Glyn Robbins argues the case for publicly-owned, democratically-run and...

Chris Jones

When British academic Chris Jones, acclaimed for his writing on radical social work, went to live on a small Greek island he discovered that he was living on a frontline. He reports on the plight...


Letter from
by Bassem Chit

Recent events exposed the weakness of the US-backed government and both the strength and limitations of the Hezbollah-led opposition, argues Bassem Chit.

Union-made column
by Mark Serwotka

The PCS civil service workers' union conference last month may turn out to have been the most significant in the union's ten year history.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Along with every great success come new challenges. That will be the case for Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR).

A-Z of Socialism
by Mark L Thomas

"...for the first time [it] awoke feeling and class-consciousness in millions upon millions as if by an electric shock... the proletarian mass... quite suddenly and sharply came to realise how...


by John Shemeld, by Chris Harman

Grosvenor Square 1968 has become a common piece of historical shorthand (Feature, Socialist Review, May 2008...

by Annie Hawes

Congratulations to Hassan Mahamdallie on a beautifully argued riposte to the vile Martin Amis (Feature, Socialist Review,...

by Leni Koupis

Call centres (Union-Made, Socialist Review, May 2008). Just those two words together are enough to provoke a...

by Farah Reza

The Abortion Rights demonstration outside parliament on 20 May was a great success.


by Weyman Bennett, by Judith Orr, by Benjamin Zephaniah

Poet, novelist and musician Benjamin Zephaniah talks to Weyman Bennett and Judith Orr about politics, culture and why Boris Johnson's appointment of a black deputy should fool no one.


by Beth Stone

Ma Jian, Chatto and Windus, £17.99

by Pete Ramand

Bart Jones, The Bodley Head, £12.99

by Sue Sparks

Bill Emmott, Allen Lane, £20

by Jacqui Freeman

Faiza Guene, Chatto and Windus, £11.99

by Dan Swain

Loretta Napoleoni, Seven Stories Press, £13.99

by Gaverne Bennett

Alex Wheatle, Serpent's Tail, £9.99

by James Foley

Ha-Joon Chang, Random House Business Books, £8.99

by Nick Clark

David Craig, Constable, £8.99

by Penny Howard

Suzan Erem and E Paul Durrenberger, Monthly Review Press, £12.99

by Mary Brodbin

Mohammed Hanif, Jonathan Cape, £12.99

by Patrick Ward

Edited by Gary Phillips, Verso, £8.99


Real rationality - Third world history - Animals with instructive illnesses - Seeking asylum in Sheffield

by Eamonn Kelly

Director: Alex Gibney; Release date: 13 June

by Sasha Simic

Director: Jon Favreau; Release date: out now

by Kelly Hilditch

Director: John Maybury; Release date: 27 June

by Andy Ridley

Director: Cristian Nemescu; Release date: out now

by Bart Griffioen

Jack Shaheen's book Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People appeared just a few months before 11 September 2001. The impact that the 9/11 attacks had on the "dream factory" in the...

by Mark Brown

Director: John Tiffany; Barbican, London; 20 to 26 June

by Colin Wilson

Director: Richard Jones; Young Vic, London until 28 June

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Pitman Painters - Roots - John Pilger - Mad Men - Klimt