Socialist Review issue

June 2010 #348

Coalition of cutters


by Michael Eaude

Eurozone crisis: Spainish imposition

by Tiago Gillot

In Portugal two stages of austerity measures have been announced.

by Phil Butland

The bailout of Greece may have averted a eurozone meltdown, but it has opened rifts in the German ruling class who resent paying for Greek debt....

by Panos Garganas

The revolt against the IMF-EU austerity package in Greece escalated with two general strikes in May.

by Patrick Ward

In the wake of the BP oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama poured scorn on the "cosy relationship" between Washington and the oil...

by Patrick Ward

The coalition government hasn't wasted time in getting down to business.


Dan Mayer

To their dismay, the Tories failed to win a majority in the election, leaving Britain with a hung parliament. Labour was not wiped out, and, despite losing seats, Nick Clegg led the Lib Dems into...

Pat Stack

After 13 years in office New Labour has been beaten. Pat Stack surveys the wreckage of a party that attacked its own voters.

Jonny Jones

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg had quite a rollercoaster of an election campaign.

Alys Zaerin

Many people feared a fascist breakthrough at this election. Alys Zaerin reports on the campaign that beat the BNP.

Dave Weltman

Anti-Muslim racism is on the increase. Dave Weltman looks at how Muslims have been scapegoated in Britain and across Europe.

John Molyneux

Henry Moore's monumental artworks adorn forecourts and public spaces around the world. In this review of Tate Britain's new exhibition of Moore's work, John Molyneux discusses the political...


Letter from
by Willem Dekker

After the longest strike since 1933, cleaners, most of them from migrant backgrounds, won, writes Willem Dekker.

In my view column
by Sally Campbell

"These days, nobody seems able to 'keep it in their pants' or honour a commitment! Raising the question, is marriage still a viable option? I'm ashamed to admit that I myself have been married...

Union-made column
by Julia Armstrong

Journalists at the Johnston Press provincial newspaper group in England have joined a growing list of angry workers who have been denied the right to strike by High Court judges.

In perspective column
by Jane Hardy

The leaders of eurozone countries are desperate to avert a full blown currency crisis, but they are divided by conflicting interests and fearful of workers fighting back.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

All of a sudden the stage lights went out, police sirens wailed and their lights flickered across the stage. Slowly emerging from the dry ice stood six silhouetted Black Panther type figures...


Cliff - Inequality - Thailand - Church


by John Newsinger

The novels of Alan Sillitoe rejoice in working class defiance. John Newsinger writes about a brilliant writer with a sad political trajectory.


by Esme Choonara, by Gary Younge

Identity politics have increasingly come to shape political dialogue. Gary Younge, Guardian columnist and author of a new book on the subject, spoke to Esme Choonara about immigration, racism and...


by Paul Blackledge

István Mészáros, Monthly Review Press, £20

by Dave Sewell

China Miéville, Macmillan, £17.99

by John Rose

Gilbert Achcar, Saqi Books, £25

by Gareth Jenkins

Jonathan Coe, Viking, £12.99

by Francine Koubel

Asim Qureshi, Hurst and Co, £12.99

by Alan Kenny

Dave Eggers, Hamish Hamilton, £18.99

by Barry Pavier

Tariq Ali, Verso, £14.99

by Charlotte Bence

Bi Feiyu, Telegram, £8.99

by Sheila Amrouche

Assia Djebar, Seven Stories Press, £9.99


Tony Benn - Jewish People - Sunset Oasis - Climbing the Stairs

by Patrick Ward

Director: Michael Winterbottom; Release date: 4 June

by Heathcoate Ruthven

Director: Erik Gandini; Release date: 4 June

by Kelly Hilditch

Director: Lindy Heymann; Release date: 4 June

by Donna Guthrie, by Paola Torsiello

Director: Jeff Stilson; Release date: 25 June

by Pura Ariza

Writer: Jonathan Harvey; Liverpool Playhouse

by Sabby Sagall

Music is the most abstract of the arts yet it tells us truths about the world through its impact on our emotional life.

Art / Exhibitions
by Jack Farmer

British Library; Until 19 September

Art / Exhibitions
by Tim Sanders

A History of Hung Parliaments

Five Things Listing

Striking the Balance - Girl on the Train - Women without Men - Women, Power and Politics - Picasso

Art / Exhibitions
by John Clossick

National Portrait Gallery, London