Socialist Review issue

June 2011 #359

Act II of the Egyptian Revolution


by Mark L Thomas

The outcome of the elections in early May has deepened the fracture lines inside the government Coalition.

by Iain Ferguson

Anyone wanting to understand the reasons for the Scottish National Party's landslide election victory in Scotland on 5 May could do worse than...

by Sheila McGregor

Women's dress keeps hitting the headlines and not because of fashion shows either.

by Noel Halifax

Cash, bigots and beagling

by Andy Durgan

On Friday 20 May there were at least 160 camps in cities and towns all over Spain following demonstrations the previous Sunday "against bankers...


Phil Marfleet

The revolutionary process in Egypt is deepening. There is now a protracted struggle going on to shape Egypt's future, as the ruling Military Council seeks to counter militancy from below. Phil...

Sameh Naguib

Egyptian socialist Sameh Naguib looks at the role of Islamists in the Egyptian Revolution

Brian Richardson

Manning Marable, an academic and activist, died in April this year, just three days before the release of his biography of Malcolm X, the great icon of the Black Power Movement.Brian Richardson...

Estelle Cooch

The Arab revolutions threaten to break the networks of control erected by the US and Israel. This has particular significance for Palestinians, whose oppression has been enabled by the...


Letter from
by James Clark

When Canada's federal election was called in late March, no one expected such a dramatic outcome.

In my view column
by Nathan Akehurst

We are all familiar with the continuing attacks on the welfare state, public sector, and vulnerable groups in society by a raft of ideological spending cuts. In addition to that, we have seen a...

Revolutionary Lessons
by Emma Davis

Emma Davis looks at how socialists understand oppression

Culture column
by Martin Smith

If you hate football with every fibre in your body, then read on. If you love football with a passion, then you need to read on too.


by Jack Farmer, by Peyman Jafari, by Hamid Dabashi

In 2009 a mass movement was born in the streets of Iran, mobilising millions in opposition to the disputed re-election of President Ahmadinejad. Jack Farmer and Peyman Jafari spoke to author Hamid...


by Jack Farmer

Terry Eagleton

by Ken Olende

Hamid Dabashi

by Marcos Schneider

Jeffrey Webber

by Jackie Turner

Colin Leys and Stuart Player

by Siobhan Brown

Mary Davis (ed)

by Beecy Reese

China Miéville

by Charlotte Bence

Sam Van Schaik

by Tim Nelson

Noel Brehony

by Martin Upchurch

Michael Perelman


John Le Carré - China Miévile - Alan Gibbons - Patrick Ness and Siobhan Dowd

by Magdalena Gudmundsdottir

Director: Jim Mickle

by Mary Brodbin

Director: Denis Villeneuve

by Andrew Howard

Director: Emma-Louise Williams

by Jack Farmer

Director: Kevin Macdonald

by Adam Marks

Stewart Lee

by Colin Wilson

The plot of Chekhov's classic 1903 play is uncomplicated. An indebted Russian gentry family face having to sell their estate, including a cherry orchard. In the end they sell the land where their...

by Dave Randall

Activist and musician Dave Randall discusses his latest project supporting Palestine

Art / Exhibitions
by Mike Gonzalez

"To me rich and vigorous material seems necessary to give the spectator a blow between the eyes at first sight which must hit him before other thoughts can intervene. In this way poetry expressed...

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

This exhibition looks at the work of women artists from the First World War to the war in Bosnia. Included are some of the Imperial War Museum's most outstanding art, both commissioned work such...