Socialist Review issue

March 2004 #283



by Editorial

One year on from the start of the war on Iraq and the line still cannot be drawn.

by Elane Heffernan

Where the Mail and the Daily Express lead on migration policy, home secretary David Blunkett and Tony Blair are sure to follow.

IBM blocks TV adverts - Medals for 'independent' journalists - Wind farms danger to radar, say military - Ryanair boss explains his strategy

by David Shayler

Former MI5 officer David Shayler spoke to Socialist Review about whistleblowing on the intelligence services.

Heloisa Helena was one of the Brazilian Workers Party‘s most popular figures when it won the presidential election 15 months ago, and used to be...

by Kieran Crowe

On 25 February the National Higher Education Shutdown, called jointly by the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Association of University...


Lindsey German

A year since the invasion of Iraq and the government is still in a state of crisis. Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, analyses why.

Andrew Stone

The costs of the occupation keep rising - and the ’blood price‘ is being paid by Iraqi civilians.

Colin Sparks

The resignations at the BBC following the Hutton report caused a storm. Colin Sparks looks at the role of public broadcasting in a time of crisis.

David Shayler

Ex-MI5 whistleblower David Shayler exposes the abuse of intelligence to justify war.

Sally Campbell

The Great Miners‘ Strike mobilised whole communities and transformed lives. Sally Campbell speaks to some of the many fighters about what they did at the time.

Andy Durgan

Despite mass mobilisation against them, the right seem set to win the election in Spain. Andy Durgan assesses the prospects for a revival of the radical left.

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott on race and classes.


by Martin Empson

Millions of Windows computers infected with the My Doom virus, major security flaws exposed in some systems and the leaking of some sections of the Windows source code will probably mean that...

by The Walrus

Public sector reform has problems in store for Blair.

by Mike Davis

Allegations of corruption and murder are rocking California‘s penal system.

by Chris Harman

My enemy‘s enemy is not always my friend.

by Mike Gonzalez

Four centuries later, Mike Gonzalez finds Don Quixote a strangely modern tragicomic hero.

by Pat Stack

A whitewash has rarely been so misjudged as Hutton‘s.


by Lynne Hunter

January‘s Socialist Review title (’Another Left is Possible‘) rings true all over Europe.

by Tim Malone

On the day after the Hutton report was published I was involved in my first spontaneous walkout (’BBC: Public Service Demonstration‘, February SR).

by Duncan Williams

The BNP is an issue that the government (and certainly British socialism) ought to acknowledge.

by Nick Savage

It is often said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Why then does John Molyneux (February SR) simply dismiss the experience of the Socialist Alliance (SA) in...


by Charlie Kimber

Review of ’Bitter Fruit‘, Achmat Dangor, Atlantic £10.99

by Jane Bassett

Review of ’The Adventure of English‘, Melvyn Bragg, Hodder & Stoughton £20

by Tim Sneller

Review of ’A Movement of Movements‘, editor Tom Mertes, Verso £13

by Michael Bradley

Review of ’Dresden‘, Frederick Taylor, Bloomsbury £20

by Mubin Haq

Review of ’The Colonizer and the Colonized‘, Albert Memmi, Earthscan £12.95

by Maxine Bowler

Review of ’A Brief History of the Human Race‘, Michael Cook, Granta £20

by Tom Unterrainer

Review of ’Hammer of the Left‘, John Golding, Politicos £25

by Martin Empson

Review of ’How to Build a Nuclear Bomb‘, Frank Barnaby, Granta £9.99

by Shabnam Yazdi

Review of ’Tell Me Lies‘, editor David Miller, Pluto £12.99

by Chris Nineham

Review of ’The Barbarian Invasions‘, director Denys Arcand

by Moira Nolan

Review of ’The Dreamers‘, director Bernardo Bertolucci

by Megan Trudell

Review of ’House of Sand and Fog‘, director Vadim Perelman

by Keith McKenna

Review of ’Burning Issues‘ by Banner Theatre, touring

by Norah Rushton

Review of ’The Quare Fellow‘ by Brendan Behan, Liverpool Playhouse, then touring

Art / Exhibitions
by Terri Behrman

Review of ’The Art of Philip Guston‘, Royal Academy, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of ’Constantin Brancusi: The Essence of Things‘, Tate Modern, London