Socialist Review issue

March 2006 #304

Islam and the Enlightenment


Neil Davidson

The intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th century that became known as the Enlightenment helped a new class to come to power in Europe. Neil Davidson asks why the more advanced civilisations...

Viren Swami

Viren Swami explains why understanding the human condition requires something more than a theory of genetics.

Third World Report (Africa)
Leo Zeilig

There has been an explosion of riots and community uprisings across South Africa for more than 18 months.

Third World Report (Asia)
Riaz Ahmed

Protests against the Danish cartoons, which were specifically designed to engender anti-Muslim hatred, have been taking place in Pakistan since the end of January.

Third World Report (Latin America)
Rui Polly

The corruption scandals that engulfed President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva and his Workers' Party (PT) government reached their height in 2005, and coincided with a crisis on the Brazilian left...

Third World Report (Middle East)
Anne Ashford

The victory of the Islamist organisation Hamas in the Palestinian parliamentary elections in January has been greeted with varying degrees of hysteria by Western governments and media.


by Mark Steel

There's more radicalism in Nashville than you might think.

by Lindsey German

Under neo-liberalism women are only 'liberated' as long as it means equal rights of exploitation and being commodities for the market.

by Chris Harman

Halting climate change requires a change more fundamental than a series of lifestyle choices.

by Noel Douglas

Anyone entering the Selfridges store in London for their new year sale in January may have wondered if the store wasn't doing its best to put off potential customers.


by Steven Mather

Chris Harman and Rory Hearne's articles (SR, February) highlight some of the contradictions in the Venezuelan process....

by Lee Stacy

We were very disappointed with your article on gay liberation in the Middle East (SR, February), which opened...

by Sorrel Weaver

I looked forward to my first copy of SR.

by Roger Huddle

Well done comrades, the new magazine is excellent.

by Gaje Singh

Raj Patel is wrong to suggest (SR, February) that cutting subsidies to farmers in the global North would not...


by Martin Smith

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Courtney Pine spoke to Martin Smith about how the battle against prejudice has been a backdrop to his musical career, and about his new album, Resistance...


by Paul O'Brien

We should not let the legacy of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland be rewritten and repackaged by right wing historians.

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'The Revenge Of Gaia', James Lovelock, Allen Lane £16.99

by Ken Olende

Review of 'The Last Friend', Tahar Ben Jelloun, New Press £11.99

by Jacob Middleton

Review of 'Redesigning Distribution', editors Bruce A Ackermann et al, Verso £17.99

by Rachel Aldred

Review of 'Fire Alarm', Michael Löwy, Verso £16.99

by Stephen Philip

Why has there been a revival of realist conventions in modern film?

by Emma Bircham

Review of 'Manderlay', director: Lars von Trier

by Christophe Chataigné

Review of 'The Child', directors: Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne

by Bob Light

Review of 'Syriana', director: Stephen Gaghan

by Beccy Reese

Review of 'Transamerica', director: Duncan Tucker

by John Cresswell

John Cresswell is touched by this anti-death penalty production.

by David Moynihan

Every generation has its youth movement, whether it is the psychedelic 1960s, punk in the 1970s, New Wave in the 1980s or dance music in the 1990s. Grime is a current social phenomenon in London...

Art / Exhibitions
by Chris Nineham

Review of Dan Flavin, Hayward Gallery, London