Socialist Review issue

March 2010 #345

The EDL Uncovered


by John Clossick

New Labour is seriously concerned about its election prospects. One of the many fronts on which it is attempting damage limitation is the mounting...

by Kevin Devine

Pigs. It's not an insult as such, but that depends on what it's referring to.

by Nikos Loudos

The working class in Greece is entering March in a very militant mood.

by Patrick Ward

Fox News, Hugo Chavez and "tectonic weapons"

by Patrick Ward

"In today's Conservative Party, it seems that it is easier to 'come out' as a homosexual than to come out as a climate sceptic," grumbles Tory MEP...


Martin Smith

A new racist political group is organising on the streets. They call themselves the English Defence League, but who are they and what do they represent? Martin Smith investigates

Ian Taylor

The prospect of a Tory government will chill all who remember the 1980s. Yet bad as David Cameron promises to be, a victory for him need not herald a rerun of the Thatcher years. Ian Taylor begins...

Ameen Hadi

Trade union branches including some from the RMT, Unite, the UCU and the CWU, were discussing backing a new left alternative to Labour last month.

Sasha Callaghan

The story of Helen Keller's "triumph over tragedy" is widely known. But her commitment to socialist activism was less known, writes Sasha Callaghan

Judith Orr

Working class people are angry at Labour, but at the same time they are fearful of the prospect of a Tory government. Judith Orr responds to the arguments about Labour and the election


In my view column
by Fred Pearce

The "population bomb" is on the environmental agenda once more.

Culture column
by Pat Stack

Over 20 years ago a friend said to me, "You really ought to catch this film Roger & Me. It's by a guy called Michael Moore and it's a very funny documentary about the closing of the GM motor...


Socialist Review readers respond to the debate over voting Labour at the general election.


by Ambre Ivol

Howard Zinn inspired generations of radicals. Ambre Ivol worked closely with him for the past few years at Boston University and his home


by Jim Wolfreys

The candidacy of New Anti-capitalist Party activist Ilham Moussaïd caused controversy in France because she chooses to wear a hijab. She spoke to Jim Wolfreys about challenging capitalism and...


by Alex Callinicos

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Harvard University Press, £25.95

by Jack Robertson

Dave Sherry, Bookmarks, £6.99

by Mike Gonzalez

Norberto Fuentes, Norton, £20

by Lewis Morris

Ramzy Baroud, Pluto, £13.99

by Andy Strouthous

Al Sandine, Monthly Review Press, £14.95

by Charlie Hore

Wang Lixiong and Tsering Shakya, Verso, £8.99

by Simon Gilbert

Wang Hui, Verso, £14.99

by Jess Edwards

Kat Banyard, Faber and Faber, £12.99

by Dan Swain

Kenneth Surin, Duke University Press, £16.99

by Alys Zaerin

Haifa Zangana, Feminist Press, £11.99

by Andy Ridley

Edited by Tom McDonough, Verso, £14.99


Feminine Mystique - Perish the Privileged Orders - Listening to Grasshoppers - Dog Loves Books

by Camilla Royle

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet; Release date: out now

by Sian Ruddick

Director Niels Arden Oplev; Release date: 12 March

by Viv Smith

Director Katherine Dieckmann; Release date: 5 March

by Rosa Dunn

Writer Bola Agbaje; Until 13 March

by Roger Huddle

Album by Gil Scott-Heron; Out now

Art / Exhibitions
by Jeannie Robinson

New Art Exchange, Nottingham; Until 10 April

Art / Exhibitions
by Alan Kenny

Tate Modern; Until 16 May

Art / Exhibitions
by Mark O'Brien

Tate Liverpool, until 25 April 2010

Five Things Listing

Banksy - Yesterday you Said Tomorrow - Rome, Open City - Shaped by War - Really Old, like 45