Socialist Review issue

March 2011 #356

The return of revolution


by Mark L Thomas

Only twice since the Second World War has any government succeeded in cutting public spending over two consecutive years.

by Kevin Devine

When the governor of the Bank of England starts quoting madcap 1970s comic Ken Dodd it must be a sign that things are not quite right,...

by Ian Taylor

The dam has burst over revelations of phone hacking at Rupert Murdoch's News Group. Fresh revelations tumble daily from the High Court.

by Patrick Ward

The "talented" Chris Huhne has made it clear he's no enemy of rich bankers.

by Patrick Ward

It isn't just London's estate agents who are popping champagne corks this month.


Mark L Thomas

The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia have set the entire region ablaze with revolt. Mark L Thomas opens our coverage by considering the historic significance of these events

Anne Alexander

There have been many conflicting interpretations of events in Egypt. Anne Alexander argues that the working class is the key force in Egyptian society with the power to drive the revolution...

Mohamed Tonsi

With dictator Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali long gone, media attention on Tunisia has waned. But there is now an ongoing battle to cleanse the country of Ben Ali's cronies, reports Mohamed Tonsi

Simon Assaf

For 30 years Egypt has been the linchpin of US and Israeli domination across the Middle East. Simon Assaf charts the history of Western support for Mubarak and the consequences of his downfall

Hassan Mahamdallie

Last month David Cameron used a speech in Munich to attack multiculturalism, gaining fulsome praise from far-right and fascist organisations across Europe. Hassan Mahamdallie exposes Cameron's...

Martin Smith

When the racist English Defence League (EDL) announced it was going to hold a demonstration in Luton on 5 February everyone knew that it was going to be a big test for both the anti-fascist...

Sally Campbell

It is 100 years since the first International Women's Day was held in March 1911, yet despite many victories gender inequality still exists today. Sally Campbell argues that only socialism can...

Patrick Ward

Eminent historian Eric Hobsbawm's latest book champions Karl Marx as capitalism's great critic, but he argues that Marx's alternative to the system has failed. Patrick Ward looks at why it is...


In perspective column
by Jane Hardy

Bankers and bosses appeared cheerful at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. But the state of the global economy remains precarious

Revolutionary Lessons
by Ruth Lorimer

Ruth Lorimer argues that we could run society without the need for bosses

Culture column
by Martin Smith

At the stroke of midnight on 16 January 1920 the US went dry. For the next 13 years Prohibition made it illegal to buy or sell alcohol.


Unions - Mubarak


by Keith Flett

Dorothy Thompson was a socialist and feminist historian who transformed the study of the Chartist movement. Keith Flett considers her life and achievements


by Paul McGarr

Richard York and Brett Clark

by Chris Bambery

Roberto Saviano

by Gaverne Bennett

Martin Luther King, Jr

by Tom Woodcock

Evgeny Morozov

by Mark L Thomas

Edited by Georg Adler, Peter Hudis and Annelies Laschitza

by Sarah Ensor

Orla Ryan / Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar

by Emma Davis

Wallace Shawn

by Jack Farmer

Andrew Bradstock

by Llewellyn James

J A Hobson


Striking a light - Field Grey - Delusions of Gender - How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?

by John Newsinger

Director: Ken Loach, release date: 18 March

by Kevin Best

Director: John Wells, Release date: 11 March

by Louis Bayman

Director Alexander Dovzhenko. Out now, £12.99

by Camilla Royle

Royal Court Theatre, until 19 March

Art / Exhibitions
by Angela Stapleford

Museum of London, until 4 September 2011, admission free.

Art / Exhibitions
by Barry Green

BFI Gallery, London, Until 10 April

Five Things Listing

Hidden - Walking the Wall - The Biting Point - Made in Dagenham - Fair Game