Socialist Review issue

March 2012 #367

Can Greek workers defy the bankers?


by Mark L Thomas

Suddenly, the government seems to be reeling from a number blows. Already embroiled in a bitter row over Andrew Lansley's plans to accelerate the...

by Jack Farmer

Think austerity is inevitable because there simply isn't enough money? Think again.

by Estelle Cooch

"A spirit of anti-capitalism stalks the land, a fire-breathing beast that has shrivelled Stephen Hester's bonus in its nostril-blast, and scorched...

by Alan Kenny

Electricians have won a stunning victory which should give hope to us all. After a six-month-long battle they have defeated the wage-cutting plans...

by Ian Taylor

The wheels continue to come off at News International. James Murdoch's resignation as executive chairman is the latest blow. It came a few days...


Sotiris Kontogiannis

Greeks must accept austerity, it is often argued, because the alternative would be worse. Sotiris Kontogiannis argues for a workers' default against the bankers

Gill George

The government is in serious trouble over its plans for the National Health Service. Gill George explains exactly how the bill is intended to destroy the NHS as we know it

Sylvestre Jaffard

As the French presidential elections near, Sylvestre Jaffard charts the declining fortunes of Nicolas Sarkozy and looks at the dangers from the right, with the fascist Marine Le Pen buoyed by the...

Dalia S Mostafa, Regi Pilling, Siobhan Brown

International Women's Day, 8 March, was established by socialists to celebrate the struggles of working class women. We look at how the fight for women's liberation and revolution has gone hand in...

Jamie Allinson

Both those who call for intervention and those who condemn the revolution in Syria are wrong. Jamie Allinson argues that Syrians can liberate themselves

Miriyam Aouragh

Miriyam Aouragh dismisses the claim that a revolution in Syria would be a disaster for the Palestinians


Facility time-out?

Anne Alexander

A call for a general strike in Egypt on 11 February didn't produce the desired effect. Yet the current strike wave shows no signs of abating. Anne Alexander looks at the strengths and weaknesses...


Letter from
by Rizwan Atta

Rizwan Atta looks at the growing tensions between the US and Pakistan and the outbreak of struggles from below

Revolutionary Lessons
by Mona Dohle

Does money make the world go round?

Culture column
by Martin Smith

If you thought racism in football was as outdated as Kevin Keegan's bubble perm or Chris Waddle's mullet haircut, then recent events will have been a real wake-up call.


Getting rid of racism Talat Ahmed's excellent article on institutional racism (Feature, Socialist Review, February 2012) made a very important point about the relationship between personal racist...


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