Socialist Review issue

March 2014 #389

The Tory education nightmare


by Tomas Tengely-Evans

The situation in Ukraine is fast moving and complex and it is easy to misunderstand what's at play.

by Mark L Thomas
Lenin once argued that revolutions are a product of two conditions. Firstly, the "lower classes" must be unwilling to carry on living in the old way...
by Rehad Desai
In the single most important political development in South Africa's post apartheid history, the National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) has decided...
by Carlo Morelli
Two events last month indicate the growing importance of socialist ideas and the working class vote within the independence debate. In Kirkcaldy,...


Jess Edwards

Tory education secretary Michael Gove has set out to destroy progressive education. But he is meeting increasing resistance, and even falling out with some of his friends.

Sara Tomlinson

The government's plans to privatise education are mired in financial scandal and under pressure from campaigns by teaching staff, parents and local authorities.

Ken Muller

The strike at STEM6 Academy in north London against zero hours contracts and for union recognition shows that if you get organised and fight hard you can win.

Angela McCormick

The battle over Scottish independence is heating up especially with signs the polls may be narrowing

Chris Newlove

Calls for a new social democracy in Scotland where workers and bosses cooperate ignores the reality of a class society

Sheila McGregor

Thirty years on from the 1984-85 miners' strike most commentators, including many on the left, claim the power of the state made defeat inevitable. But Sheila McGregor argues we could have won but...

Charlie Kimber

The notion that immigration is putting workers' wages under pressure is widely accepted even among some on the left. Yet this argument is both dangerous and wrong.

Weyman Bennett

Socialist Review spoke to Weyman Bennett, joint secreatary of Unite Against Fascism, about the Stand Up to Racism demonstration on 22 March and challenging the scapegoating of migrants.

Rob Ferguson

Fascist parties are once again proclaiming the anti-Semitic filth they have kept hidden for years. Rob Ferguson explains why they feel confident to do this now, how their ideolgy works, and how...


by Nick Howard, by Alan Crowe
Do the honours Should we commemorate the centenary of the First World War? For the left it was a major disaster, and life-shattering for the millions of workers on all sides who enlisted in it....


by Dave Gibson
Pete Seeger died in January aged 94. His life was dedicated to making music for left wing progressive movements. He was a principled brave musician who always stood by his beliefs, whatever the cost...


by Rahul Patel

Verso, £12.99

by John Newsinger

This is a book to warm the shrunken diseased walnut that passes for Michael Gove's heart. It is very much a sign of the times: our rulers feel absolutely on top, the country is once again run by...

by Dermot Smyth

Mark Buchanan's book, Forecast, is a demolition of the core assumptions of economic theory.

Buchanan draws on studies carried out by physicists and other scientists to demonstrate that...

by Saba Shiraz aka Kali Rayt

Leonardo Padura's exciting new novel The Man Who Loved Dogs shows a Moscow deteriorating under the rule of Joseph Stalin, a Mexico enlivened by the artist Frida Kahlo, Leon Trotsky's tragic...

by Kathleen Sherry

There has been new interest in Hans Fallada following the English publication of much of his work. He is best known for his 1946 novel Alone in Berlin, first translated into English in 2009, which...

by Siobhan Brown

Director Wes Anderson, released 7 March

by Bob Light

Director Roberto Rossellini, re-released 7 March

by Katherine Jacobs

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, out now

by Christine Lewis

Director Spike Jonze, out now

by Robbie Shaw

Gielgud Theatre, London, from 24 June

Art / Exhibitions
by Jeff Jackson

Tate Modern, London, until 26 May

Classic reads
by Simon Assaf

Lenin described Nikolai Bukharin's Imperialism and World Economy as essential to understanding not only the economic basis of imperialism, but also its political and social impact.

The book...