Socialist Review issue

March 2015 #400

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Stop racism and fascism in Europe


by Noel Halifax
Another month and another scandal with the banks — now centred on HSBC. After seven years of being told that “reforms” had been made, a “new start”...
by Sally Campbell
An attempt to restrict access to abortion in the UK was thwarted last month — but the vote was too close to be ignored. Fiona Bruce MP, the Tory...
by Sally Campbell
Research conducted by BBC Radio 5 Live has found that police used taser guns on 431 children in 2013. The youngest was just 14, while a child of 11...
by Michael Bradley
For many activists this is a frustrating period. We know that while the anger among workers is massive the unions are not leading the kind of action...
by Simon Assaf
The US has ramped up delivery of weapons to the Iraqi forces ahead of an assault on Mosul. Some 25,000 Iraqi troops, backed by sectarian Shia...
by Simon Assaf
Bibi Netanyahu is not so popular in the White House following his spat with US president Barack Obama over Iran’s alleged race to develop nuclear...


Weyman Bennett

Racists, fascists, Islamophobes and anti-Semites are on the move across Europe. Weyman Bennett outlines the strategies we need to mobilise effectively against the different strands of the right....

Sinéad Kennedy

Despite the claim that we live in an age of "personal choice", the right of women to choose an abortion is under attack. Sinead Kennedy gets to the heart of this apparent contradiction.

Anne Alexander

The return of the old regime under Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi, underpinned by billions of petro-Dollars from the Gulf kingdoms, has seen a rehash of devastating neoliberal policies, writes Anne Alexander...

Jan Nielsen

The position of women underwent huge change between 1914 and 1918. Jan Nielsen looks at the unintended impact of a war that, for the first time, affected every aspect of economic and social life...


by Christine Buchholz

As new racist organisations target Muslims and immigrants, socialist MP Christine Buchholz outlines the tasks and the challenges for the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement in Germany

In perspective column
by Joseph Choonara

The Troika has succeeded in imposing its will on the Syriza government for now, but other options were. And still are, available.

by Carlo Morelli

The radical left has a real opportunity to build on the referendum vote, argues Carlo Morelli, as neither the "austerity-lite" of the Labour Party nor the SNP's "one nation" addresses the needs of...

Culture clash
by Yuri Prasad
The arts establishment struggled to explain the lack of black and Asian actors shortlisted for the British film industry’s Bafta awards last month. Benedict Cumberbatch managed to stuff a foot in...
by Donny Gluckstein

Donny Gluckstein asks what the relationship is between “politics”, the state and radical social change, looking at reformist and revolutionary strategies as well as the rejection of it all in the...


by Delia Hutchings
Susan Rosanthal’s article “Capitalism, Alienation and the Family” (February SR) is useful in lifting the lid on the reality of abuse within the family. Many will welcome recognition of their...
by Julie W, by Nottingham
Susan Rosenthal’s article is very insightful. I agree that women are just as capable of attacking their partners and that domestic violence perpetrated by women is underestimated in our society....
by Phil Webster, by Lancashire
In her powerful two-part series on the family Susan Rosenthal does an excellent job of showing how the family under capitalism is central to women’s oppression and how it puts everyone — women, men...
by Mark Krantz
As traditional electoral support for Labour fragments, the question of who to vote for now was put by Joseph Choonara (February SR). European political parties like Labour once offered reforms, a...


 Assia Djebar
by Sheila McGregor

Assia Djebar, one of Algeria's most gifted writers, died on 6 February. Sheila McGregor celebrates her life and her part in the struggle for independence.


by Volodymyr Ishchenko

On the anniversary of the fall of Ukrainian President Yanukovych, which marked the onset of the current conflict, Rob Ferguson and Tomas Tengely-Evans interview Volodymyr Ishchenko in Kiev.


by Ian Taylor

Tariq Ali is a serious figure on the left and has been since the 1960s. His new book skewers mainstream politics and its purveyors where “centre-left and centre-right collude to preserve the...

by Alan Gibson

This is the book you want to stick down the throat of the first Tory you come across — even though it would be a terrible waste of the £10 you spent buying it. Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee and...

by Sarah Bates

Radical Feminism is largely a history of the Reclaim the Night (RTN) protests, but Finn Mackay also explores some of the debates around the feminist movement in Britain today. She provides an...

by Jeff Jackson

Written in the late 1930s Bertolt Brecht’s poem “To Those Born Later” concludes with a plea to the reader for their forbearance:
Remember/ When you speak of our failings/ The dark time too/...

by Simon Assaf

Egyptian author Youssef Rakha has produced two books, both of which are exceptional. His breakthrough novel, Book of the Sultan’s Seal, was published as the 25 January revolution was in full tilt...

Art / Exhibitions
by Peter Robinson

Mass-produced prints of works by impressionist artists are so readily available that some people now see the art as bland with little to say about modern life. But when it was created it was seen...

Art / Exhibitions
by Kate Abildgaard

This DIY history of post-war Britain exhibition ranges from Mrs Thatcher’s handbag to a section on mad cow disease. The gallery has invited seven contemporary artists to become curators, creating...

Art / Exhibitions
by Sabby Sagall

This exhibition is also the occasion of the reopening of Manchester’s Whitworth gallery following a major expansion and refurbishment. he gallery’s director Maria Balshaw is a fervent advocate of...

by Jay Williams

David Hare’s play, written after the failure of Labour’s general election campaign of 1992, was prophetic in regard to Tony Blair’s New Labour project and it also has resonance for Ed Miliband...

by Sarah Bates

Appropriate Behaviour follows the trials and tribulations of Shirin, a bisexual woman navigating life in New York City. Beautifully shot, we follow Shirin through the pitfalls of changing career,...

by Anna Gluckstein

Suite Française centres on the relationships between French people and their German occupiers during the Nazi occupation of France from June 1940. The film is based on a novel written by Jewish...

by Nicola Field

On paper, this award winning film by the acclaimed young director Xavier Dolan is packed with “issues”. It is set in a fictional Canada after the 2015 election. Reformed public health laws have...