Socialist Review issue

March 2020 #455

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Celebrate International Women's Day


by Shaun Doherty
The reverberations of the dramatic Irish General Election continue as we go to press. Sinn Fein’s astonishing electoral insurgency has put a serious...
by John Newsinger
Boris Johnson has just installed the richest man in the House of Commons, Rishi Sunak, as Chancellor of the Exchequer in his “people’s government”....



Our celebration of women’s struggles begins by revealing the contrast between how capitalism has sought to commodify the event, and its origins in the fight against oppression. We then hear from...

Lee Humber

Lee Humber finds the true origins of the Coronavirus epidemic in the innards of the food industry.

Richard Donnelly

The ‘land of the two rivers’ renowned for its fertile valleys and agriculture is turning into a vast wasteland. Richard Donnelly explains how the US occupation and neoliberalism has drained the...

Sarah Ensor

Global capitalism is not only creating climate change but bringing about the extinction of millions of animal and plant species. Sarah Ensor explains the crisis, and what we can do to stop it.

Jo Robinson

New film Misbehaviour, out this month, dramatises the protest at Miss World 1970. Jo Robinson, a participant, tells what happened on the night.


by Ndella Paye

The British government’s treatment of Shamima Begum will not only scare every black and Asian citizen, but will also fail to deal with the root causes of young people’s political disaffection,...

Trans Pride Liverpool 2019
by Kelly Stubbs

Trans Pride marches have grown as a response to the commercialisation of Pride and the marginalisation of trans people. Kelly Stubbs argues that every socialist and trade unionist should back the...

by John Sinha
Many climate activists know that increased racism could be one outcome of climate chaos. There is a recognition that the worst affected victims will come from the Global South. But also that to build...
by Phil Webster

Readers recommend an old or forgotten text that is worth revisiting. This month Phil Webster praises a hefty work of Marxist history.


by Dave Clinch

Noura Erekat, an American-born Palestinian, human rights attorney and assistant professor of Africana Studies at Rutgers University, has produced an accessible and important analysis of what has...

by Kevin McCaighy

Set the Night on Fire is a major contribution to our understanding of the struggles taking place in Los Angeles during the 1960s.

It is a movement history, an 800-page chronicle of...

by Kevin Devine

Government figures on the labour market are, on the face of it, perplexing for socialists. They show employment up and unemployment down, both apparently to ‘record’ levels. But this is in the...

Born to Manifest
by Mark Brown

Born to Manifest is the latest dance work by the acclaimed choreographer and performer Joseph Toonga and his company Just Us Dance Theatre. A hip-hop piece for two dancers (Toonga and Dani Harris-...

Art / Exhibitions
by Abbie Head

This is the first UK showing of ‘Life in the Margins’ by Pacita Abad, a worldwide recognised multimedia artist of the past 30 years; and how lucky we are in Bristol to host this fantastic debut to...

by John Prendle

Greed stars the actor Steve Coogan in a comic take-down of the world of the top one percent. It’s based around a retail boss’s 60th birthday party at his private villa on the Greek island of...

by Julie Sherry

Melancholic ethereal vocals reminiscent of Sharon Van Etten, with wandering guitar picks and Courtney Barnett-esque bass provide an arresting balance as the Irish songwriter’s debut album opens...

by Faye Lockett

If anyone needs extra motivation for another five years of the Tories, Motihari Brigade will put your marching boots on in Power from Below.

Named after the Indian birthplace of George...

by Kevin McCaighy

Somehow it was apt that Algiers took the stage as Storm Ciara took its toll on the country. Inside, the brave, the curious and the devoted were treated to a devastating live set, which drew...

Five Things Listing

Dark Waters
Out now in cinemas
Director Todd Haynes, whose films include Carol, Far From Heaven and...

by Rena Niamh Smith

Sashaying in the footsteps of Made in Dagenham, Battle of the Sexes and Hidden Figures to sprinkle Hollywood dust on milestones of the fight for gender equality, Misbehaviour offers a post-...