Socialist Review issue

May 2003 #274



by Editorial

Iraq's colonial governor, former US general Jay Garner, seemed intent on dispelling the belief that Americans don't understand irony. 'I will be...

by Chris Nineham

On 1 June George Bush flies to 'old Europe' to meet the other seven 'great powers' at Evian in the French Alps at the G8 summit meeting.

Arms fair - BBC objectivity - US bosses and sugar

While launching its witch-hunt against anti-war Labour MP George Galloway the 'Daily Telegraph' used the opportunity to 'bury' or ignore other...

Yasser Arafat's appointment of Mahmoud Abbas as prime minister, and the acceptance of his demands for the make-up of the cabinet, have removed...

by Peter Morgan

'Many people have left the Labour Party. There are also large numbers who have let their membership lapse. In east Dorset, where I come from,...

by Judith Orr

'A service to be proud of' declares the Police Service of Northern Ireland website. The RUC may have been renamed, but the 'service' this force...


John Rees

The Stop the War Coalition is now entering a new phase of its evolution.

Anne Ashford

The history of British and French rule in the Middle East makes uncomfortable reading for Iraq's new conquerors.

Simon Assaf

Simon Assaf reports on the anti-war movement in the Middle East.

Andrew Stone

Tony Blair has backed the US in three major wars. Andrew Stone compares their claims with reality.

Chris Bambery

Democracy and liberation were not top of the agenda following the Second World War.


by Martin Empson

It has sometimes been difficult to find accurate information about what is actually happening in Iraq.

by The Walrus

Look which US company is at the front of the queue for Iraq contracts.

by Chris Harman

The US military may have succeeded in Iraq but now the problems are beginning to mount up.

by Mike Gonzalez

If we can explain and understand the past, we will then be able to shape the future.

by Pat Stack

The war will not lead to the liberation of ordinary Iraqis.


by Joe Hartney

Chris Harman's analysis of the strategy of the US ruling class can help explain the recent vitriol directed at the French (April SR).

by Stuart McCabe

In contrast to 'Socialist Review''s anti-war coverage the media has been showing scenes around Basra of British medics treating wounded Iraqis alongside wounded British soldiers.

by Peter Harrison

This May is the 35th anniversary of the massive explosion of anger initiated by French students and supported by French workers in 1968. Spontaneity fused with working class struggle and created a...

by Einde O'Callaghan

On behalf of the volunteers running the Marxists' Internet Archive I would like to thank Martin Empson and 'Socialist Review' for the friendly review of the archive in the Martin's Web column (...

by Graeme Kemp

Ian Birchall (April SR) does a good job in outlining what genuine democracy could look like, given past historical experiences. The only problem is this: how do you stop councils of workers...

by Alan Woodward

Ian Birchall's article 'People Power' (April SR) really deserves a small book in reply but a point or two will have to suffice.

by Alan Crabtree

The failure of the US Marine Corps to secure the Iraqi museums and hospitals while securing the Iraqi oilfields and oil ministry has brought home to me more forcefully than ever before the...


by Mike Hobart

Mike Hobart pays tribute to the black singer and songwriter Nina Simone who died last month.


by John Parrington

Review of 'Fallout', Juan Gonzalez, Verso £10.95

by Charlie Hore

Review of 'The Land Where the Blues Began', Alan Lomax, The New Press £19.95

by Nicolai Gentchev

Review of 'The New Nuclear Danger', Helen Caldicott, The New Press £10.95

by Nicola Field

Review of 'Cigarettes', Tara Parker-Pope, The New Press £9.95

by Gareth Jenkins

Review of 'A Renegade in Springtime', Edward Upward, Enitharmon £15

by Shaun Doherty

Review of 'Power and Terror', Noam Chomsky, Seven Stories Press £7.99 and 'American Power and the New Mandarins', Noam Chomsky, The New Press £12.95

by Mike Gonzalez

Review of 'Tropical Animal', Pedro Juan Gutierrez, Faber £7.99

by Tom Wall

Review of 'The Real Odessa', Uki Goñi, Granta £9.99

by Sarah Ensor

Review of 'Get Your War On', David Rees, Soft Skull £7.99

by Roger Smith

Review of 'What I Saw', Joseph Roth, Granta £14.99

by Phil Whaite

Review of 'Pure', director Gillies Mackinnon

by Colin Wilson

Review of 'Trembling Before G-d', director Sandi Simcha DuBowski

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'X-Men 2', director Bryan Singer

by Tom Unterrainer

Review of 'Scenes From the Big Picture', by Owen McCafferty, National Theatre, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Tom Wall

Review of 'Exodus: an exhibition of Sebastiao Salgado's photographs', Barbican Gallery, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Margot Hill

Review of 'Art Deco' exhibition, Victoria and Albert Museum, London