Socialist Review issue

May 2004 #285

Wipe the smiles off their faces


by Editorial

The decision by Lindsey German to stand as the Respect candidate for mayor of London and the Greater London Assembly (GLA) list will bring a...

by Esme Choonara, by Donna Borokinni

For eight weeks over 4,000 nursery nurses have been on all-out strike across Scotland.

Holiday Hijinks - Taxes Subsidise Weapons Makers - Businessman Finds New Flock

by Andrew Stone

French fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen's visit to England was not the success hoped for by his BNP hosts.

by Sabby Sagall, by Hilary Westlake

Sabby Sagall and Hilary Westlake were part of an international delegation which travelled to Israel to greet Mordechai Vanunu on his release from...

by Don Trudell

The liberal media were 'surprised', or 'astonished', when Bush recently endorsed Sharon's latest twist of the knife into the Palestinians.


Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan looks at the unique opportunity we have to teach Blair and Bush a lesson on 10 June.

Andrew Stone

The Green Party's resistance to making an electoral arrangement with Respect is unfortunate, but not entirely uncharacteristic, finds Andrew Stone.

Sally Campbell

For Londoners, 'Super Thursday' will be the most complicated election ever held. Sally Campbell demystifies the process.

Jonathan Schell

How did a policy of nonproliferation lead to greater nuclear danger, asks bestselling author Jonathan Schell.


by Martin Empson

Many people who work in computing find the fact that millions of people continue to use Microsoft's ubiquitous email service Hotmail a constant source of frustration and surprise.

by The Walrus

Tony and Gordon's public pay policy problem

by Mike Davis

US military planners are discovering that slums are the new centres of resistance.

by Chris Harman

Finding the right response to neoliberalism is not always straightforward.

by Mike Gonzalez

There are two sides to the communication revolution, as Mike Gonzalez explains.

by Pat Stack

Pat Stack's world exclusive on that affair.


by Neil Faulkner

John Molyneux provided an excellent summary of the Marxist view on terrorism ('Marxism on Terrorism', April SR...

by John Kennedy

Thanks to Socialist Review for your article 'Who are Al Qaida?' (April SR).

by Phil Turner, by Andy Phipps

Picketing started the 1984 miners' strike and, as the Walrus's analysis shows (April SR), could have won it....

by Keith Flett

The Walrus (April SR) draws attention to one key difference between the 1972 and 1984-85 miners' strike -...

by Fiona Prior

Martin Smith is right (April SR) - the pressure is on to democratise the trade unions' political fund.

by Chris Nineham

Nigel Davey is right about Errol Morris's film Fog of War (April SR) - it gives fascinating insights...

by Judah Ben-Hur

We cannot blame the 'US government' for our woes (Letter from the US, April SR), but ourselves for allowing...

by Louise Trainer

I really enjoyed the interview conducted by Phil Whaite with Pete Doherty of The Libertines (April SR).


by Hazel Croft, by Judith Orr, by Joseph O'Connor

Star of the Sea, a great political novel set at the time of the Irish famine, has been a runaway bestseller. Author Joseph O'Connor spoke to Hazel Croft about its success and why he wrote...


by Sally Campbell

Review of 'Who Runs This Place?', Anthony Sampson, John Murray £20

by Peter Morgan

Review of 'Against All Enemies', Richard Clarke, Simon and Schuster £18.99 and 'Plan of Attack', Bob Woodward, Simon and Schuster £18.99

by Nancy Lindisfarne

Review of 'The Children of Nafta', David Bacon, University of California £18.95

by Colin Barker

Review of '1968: The Year that Rocked the World', Mark Kurlansky, Jonathan Cape £17.99

by Nick Grant

Review of 'Photographing the Holocaust', Janina Struk, I B Tauris £13.95

by Joseph Choonara

Review of 'Silent Revolution', Duncan Green, Latin America Bureau £13.99

by Hazel Croft

Helen Keller - Monica Ali - Margaret Atwood - Annie Proulx - Mark Haddon - Books on Demand - Book Club

by Stephen Philip

Review of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', director Michel Gondry

by Xena Young

Review of 'The Cookie Project', director Stephanie Wynne

by Keith McKenna

Review of 'Follow My Leader' by Alistair Beaton, Hampstead Theatre, London

by Kerri Parke

Review of 'The Big Life' by Paul Sirett, Theatre Royal, Stratford East, London

by Brian Richardson

Hip-hop has arguably been the most influential popular music form of the past generation.

by Alban Pryce

Review of 'Romare Bearden Revealed' by the Branford Marsalis Quartet

Art / Exhibitions
by Peter Jackson

Review of 'Li Zhensheng: Red-colour New Soldier' and 'Hou Bo and Xu Xiaobing: Mao's Photographers' at The Photographers' Gallery, London