Socialist Review issue

May 2005 #296

Crash and Burn


by Editorial

'The Al Qaida plot to poison Britain'. That was how the Times reported the raid on a north London flat in January 2003 that had supposedly...

by Editorial

The war in Iraq, declare the pollsters and some press 'experts', is not an issue that registers high on the list of voters' concerns in the...

by Jim Wolfreys

Opposition to the EU has shocked the French right.

by Tom Behan

The man who according to Forbes magazine is the 25th richest person in the world seems to be having a few problems lately.

by Tom Wall

More people than ever before are planning to vote by post in the general election - but how secure are postal votes?

by Phil Marshall

'Kifaya' (enough) is the name chosen by the democracy movement in Egypt. It has already struck a chord with millions who have endured almost 25...

by Dan Mayer

A Barclays Bank report released in mid-April found that students graduating this year will owe a total of £2.46 billion, £13,501 on average, an...

by Chris Nineham

Over 10,000 people packed Westminster in mid-April for a Trade Justice protest.

by Solomon Hughes

Ex-ministers are making big money from consultancies.

The supermarket giant Tesco announced record profits last month of £2 billion. Yet a report by ActionAid reveals the appalling conditions of...


John Rees

Respect's national secretary John Rees explains why 5 May is so important to the further revival of the left in Britain.

Lindsey German

Exclusive excerpts from Respect candidate for West Ham Lindsey German's campaign blog.

Janet Alder

Janet Alder explains why getting justice for her brother is part of a wider struggle.

Judy Cox

Judy Cox meets the others.

The Walrus

New Labour put the market before jobs, argues The Walrus.

Mike Haynes

Upheavals in the former Soviet Empire have added to Vladimir Putin's headaches.

Dave Crouch

Dave Crouch analyses the March popular revolt in Kyrgyzstan.

Dragan Plavsic

Dragan Plavsic looks at the bloody parallels between the Balkans and Iraq.

Mark Bould

Steven Spielberg's forthcoming adaptation of The War of the Worlds prompts Mark Bould to take a critical look at the work of HG Wells.

Julian Stallabrass

Julian Stallabrass reviews the work of John Berger.


by Chris Harman

Elections are one thing - the revolutionary party is another.

by Mike Davis

Tensions are mounting as the housing bubble nears its limits.

by Martin Empson

Beware the dangers of gambling online.

by Andrew Stone

John Paul II's social conservatism should not be taken as gospel.


by Oliver Swingler

I totally agree with Tom Wall's article ('A Licence for Persecution', April SR), and will be supporting Asbo...

by Tony Phillips

While I agree with John Appleyard (Letters, April SR) on the motives of the trade union bureaucracy in...

by Karen Smith

I would like to make a comment on two aspects of the letter by John Newsinger on Howard Hughes ('Fanciful Flight of the Aviator',...

by Ivor Bolton

I have just returned to reading your web pages after a delay caused by an Ofsted inspection at my school.


by Ian Rappel

Lawyer and author Philippe Sands explains to Ian Rappel why the Iraq war was illegal and Blair should be held to account.


by Gavin Capps

The ANC has failed to deliver.

by Kevin Devine

Review of 'Thirty Years in a Turtleneck Sweater', Nick Warren, Ebury Press £12.99

by John Newsinger

Review of 'The Struggle for Dignity', editors John Mcllroy, Alan Campbell and Keith Gildart, University of Wales Press £45

by Charlie Hore

Review of 'Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and the China He Lost', Jonathan Fenby, The Free Press £9.95

by Ann Conway

Review of 'The Thames', Jonathan Schneer, Little, Brown £18.99

by Dave Franklin

Review of 'Collapse', Jared Diamond, Penguin £20

by Adam Marks

Review of 'The Decline of Capitalism', Harry Shutt, Zed £9.99

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'East End Jewish Radicals', William J Fishman, Five Leaves £14.99 and 'The London Years', Rudolf Rocker, Five Leaves £14.99

by John Baxter

Review of 'Calling the Shots', Phyllis Bennis, Arris £12.99

by Simon Dowdeswell

Review of 'Water Inc', Varda Burstyn, Verso £12.99

by Sarah Ensor

Book clubs have a long and interesting history

by Angela Stapleford

Review of 'Trafalgar Square Through the Camera', Roger Hargreaves, National Portrait Gallery £16.99

by Emma Bircham

Emma Bircham on a disturbing tale of modern America.

by Esther Leslie

Review of 'Heimat 3', director Edgar Reitz

by Xanthe Rose

Review of 'Machuca', director André Wood

by Stephen Philip

Consequences of Love - Mysterious Skin - A Good Woman - Toussaint biopic - Wilberforce - The Wind That Shakes the Barley

by Sasha Simic

Review of Doctor Who, BBC1

by Keith McKenna

Review of Banner Theatre 30th Anniversary, Birmingham

by Mobeen Azhar

Review of 'Philtre' by Nitin Sawhney

Art / Exhibitions
by Jane Trainer

Review of Resonance, 104.4 FM

Art / Exhibitions
by Andy Ridley

Review of 'Küba' by Kutlug Ataman, The Sorting Office, London