Socialist Review issue

May 2007 #314

His last days


by Patrick Ward

"Are you between 12 and 18 and looking for excitement?" asks the ad. "How does riding in a helicopter grab you? Or even rock climbing?"

by Kevin Devine

Tony Blair hopes the Irish peace process will be seen as one of his greatest achievements.

by Patrick Ward

According to subversive looking "Information Revolution" campaign placards, stickers and posters it is time to break with Google's "monopolisation...

by Toyin Agbetu

Toyin Agbetu famously protested against Tony Blair and the queen during the Westminster Abbey slavery commemoration. Here he writes about why he...

by Christophe Chataigné

"It went from a philosophy of 'we like people, we use objects' to 'we use people, we like objects'." So said Pierre Nicolas of the CGT trade union...


Charlie Kimber

These may be Tony Blair's last days, but Gordon Brown has made it clear that Blairism - war, privatisation and cuts - will remain. Charlie Kimber looks at the issues which are bringing workers...

Hsiao-Hung Pai

New government plans will remove the already pitiful rights of some of the most vulnerable migrant workers in Britain. Investigative journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai talks to the women who have travelled...

John Newsinger

Government spin on the role of British forces around the world portrays them as gallant beret-wearing chaps just trying to help. Writer and anti-war activist John Newsinger recalls the events of...


Letter from
by Haroon Khalid

On 19 April over 3,000 Pakistani lawyers protested against the sacking of the supreme court chief justice, writes Haroon Khalid

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The war in Afghanistan ended more than five years ago. The BBC's John Simpson told us so as he helped "liberate" Kabul perched on a British tank.

Union-made column
by Mark Serwotka

No doubt readers of Socialist Review are aware of the PCS dispute with the civil service and associated employers with the latest national strike which took place on 1 May.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

"The longest period of uninterrupted growth in the industrial history of our country." So claimed Gordon Brown in his budget speech. This supposedly miraculous economic record is one thing on...

A-Z of Socialism
by István Mésáros

Alienation is one of the most frequently encountered concepts not only in philosophical, political, psychological and sociological writings, as well as in creative literature, but - on an almost...


by John Rees, by Paul Mason

John Rees talks to author Paul Mason about his book Live Working
or Die Fighting
and the importance of writing about workers' history

by Mark Brown

Theatre director Nicolas Kent and Guardian journalist Richard Norton-Taylor are well known for their powerful plays based on tribunal hearings. They talked to Mark Brown about their new...


by Rebecca Kaur

China Miéville, Macmillan, £12.99

by Jacqui Freeman

Vijay Prashad, The New Press, £16.99

by Nicola Field

Primo Levi, Penguin, £20

by Dave Crouch

Tony Wood, Verso, £12.99

by Elaheh Rostami-Povey

Hamid Dabashi, The New Press, £13.99

by Beccy Reese

Joel Kovel, Pluto Press, £15.99

by Charlie Hore

Firoze Manji and Stephen Marks (editors), Fahamu, £11.95

by Weyman Bennett

Ira Berlin, both titles The New Press, £12.99 and £13.99

by Vicky Williamson

Ken MacLeod, Orbit, £17.99

by Pete Glatter

Anna Politkovskaya, Harvill Secker, £17.99


A new and regular strand in our book coverage

by Alasdair Smith

Director Shane Meadows

by Paul Sillett

Director Julien Temple

by Viv Smith

Director Bille August

by Patrick Ward

Directors Nick and Mark Francis/Director Richard Linklater

by Martin Smith

The camera pans across a row of dilapidated and boarded up vacant properties. Stencilled across the doors is the message, "If animal trapped call 410 396 6286." Yet there are no trapped animals,...

by Stewart Halforty

National Theatre, London, until 7 June