Socialist Review issue

May 2010 #347

The crisis: Over or just beginning?


by Martin Smith

Two important protests, in Bolton and Dudley, have taken place since Socialist Review published the article...

by John Newsinger

The reason British troops are in Afghanistan has nothing to do with the safety of the British people and even less to do with the security of the...

by Judith Orr

When a Muslim woman was stopped by police for wearing a niqab while driving in Nantes, western France, last month it gave a warning of what may be...

by Giles Ji Ungpakorn

There is little difficulty choosing sides in the current class war being conducted in Thailand.

by Patrick Ward

"The planes are back in the air. And it's not a minute too soon," grumbled the Daily Star's editorial on 22 April, after ash from the...

by Patrick Ward

"We must never include a product or service in sound or vision in return for cash, services or any consideration in kind," says the BBC's website...


Joseph Choonara

The post-election period will be dominated by the dire state of the British economy. While the political elite are desperate to make us pay for the crisis, they are also paralysed by the fear of a...

Kevin Devine

Recent months have seen the row over the abuse of children by Catholic priests intensify, with the pope himself directly implicated in the cover-up. Kevin Devine analyses the social role of the...

Tim Nelson

The government brought to power by the 2005 Tulip Revolution was itself deposed by a popular uprising last month. This is the latest crisis for the "colour coded" revolutions of the former Soviet...


Letter from
by Chip Ward

In recent months a populist right wing movement has taken to the streets. Chip Ward reports on the mad hatters at America's Tea Party

In my view column
by Pat Stack

Volcanic ash, eh? What is it about disasters and capitalism? It seems that any event outside the daily norm exposes all the system's horrors and weaknesses.

Union-made column
by Ray Watt

Despite the huge outcry following the multi-billion pound bank bailouts, the mainstream parties still thought they could win support competing over who could make the deepest cuts to the public...

In perspective column
by Mike Gonzalez

Aid organisations pose as the noble saviours of the needy. In fact they often reinforce and deepen exploitation

Culture column
by Sasha Callaghan

"I've just seen a marvellous programme of documentaries," I enthused to a young sculptor friend who has no particular interest in cinema. "Oh! Documentaries," he replied, "You mean those films...


Political fight - Reading Capital - Equality


by Ian Taylor, by Panos Garganas

Greece has been a focal point of crisis and resistance in Europe since exposure of its ballooning debt. Panos Garganos, editor of Socialist Worker's sister paper in Greece, spoke to Ian Taylor...


by Mark L Thomas

Neil Harding, Haymarket, £25.99

by Iain Ferguson

Daniel Dorling, Policy Press, £19.99

by Jonny Jones

David Harvey, Verso, £14.99

by Neil Davidson

Terry Eagleton, Yale University Press, £18.99

by Kevin Devine

Roddy Doyle, Jonathan Cape, £17.99

by Sarah Ensor

Philip Pullman, Canongate, £14.99

by Camilla Royle

Clive Hamilton, Earthscan, £14.99

by Colin Smith

J M G Le Clézio, Atlantic, £16.99

by Mike Gonzalez

Santiago Roncagliolo, Atlantic Books, £10.99

by Sadie Robinson

Charles Preston, Monthly Review Press, £18.95

by Jack Farmer

Jim Crace, Picador, £16.99


Engels - Wollstonecraft - People's Train - The Long Fall

by Patrick Ward

Director: Chris Morris; Release date: 7 May

by Matt Foot

Director: Robert Heath; Release date: 7 May

by Louis Bayman

Director: Marco Bellocchio; Release date: 14 May

by Jacqui Freeman

Director: Elia Suleiman; Release date: 20 May

by Simon Guy

Directors: David Bond and Melinda McDougall

by Colin Wilson

Director: Haim Tabakman; Release date: 14 May

by Simon Assaf

Director: Samuel Maoz; Release date: 14 May

Art / Exhibitions
by Jennifer Jones

Whitechapel Gallery, London

Five Things Listing

The White Guard - Posh - Paris Opera Ballet - Petropolis - James Brown tribute