Socialist Review issue

May 2011 #358

Imperialism and revolution in the Middle East


by Noel Halifax

As part of the run-up to the local elections, David Cameron made a particularly nasty speech about immigration

by Mike Haynes

The economist Joseph Schumpeter had a fine phrase to describe market competition - it's all about "creative destruction". Market enthusiasts love...

by Ruth Lorimer

Portugal became the third of the Eurozone "PIGS" (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain) to apply for a bailout from the European Central Bank (ECB)...

by Sarah Ensor

Voters in Iceland have for a second time rejected the opportunity to help bailout the governments of Britain and the Netherlands.


Richard Seymour

The West has a long and bloody record in the Middle East. Richard Seymour charts how the recent revolutions have provoked a new strategy from imperial powers seeking to control the region

Mark L Thomas, Jack Farmer

The huge TUC organised demonstration in March has shown that the working class is still a force to be reckoned with. Mark L Thomas looks at the reality of class in Britain today, while Jack Farmer...

Colin Wilson

Recent years have seen increased international coverage of LGBT issues. While activists are rightly outraged by the attacks people suffer in other parts of the world, it's important to understand...

Mike Gonzalez

Last month a national congress in Cuba agreed to reforms aimed at opening the country up to market forces. Mike Gonzalez examines Cuba's contradictions


Letter from
by Drago Markisa

For first time in the country's history Croatia has been rocked by demonstrations with anti-capitalist slogans, reports
Drago Markisa

In my view column
by Pat Stack

The other day I heard a recording of a Thatcher speech on the TV. It was one of those awful repetitive dogmatic dirges she was so fond of. Immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and...

In perspective column
by Jane Hardy

Jane Hardy takes issue with a new study which claims that workers haven't suffered too badly in the recession

Revolutionary Lessons
by Kevin Best

Kevin Best looks at why socialists argue for mass strikes

Culture column
by Owen Hatherley

In the flurry of cuts, it's sometimes hard to notice the small detail, to catch the minute print, and understand the nuances of who is losing money and why. However, certain patterns are there to...


Bristol - Deportation - The Sun


by Patrick Ward

It was difficult not to take an instant liking to Joe Bageant.


by Simon Assaf

French Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb spoke to Simon Assaf about his new film on the Algerian war of independence, Outside the Law


by Amy Leather

Lars T Lih

by Simon Englert

David McNally

by Estelle Cooch

Omar Barghouti

by Simon Behrman

Chris Jones and Michael Lavalette

by Pat Stack

Dorian Lynskey

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Nigel Copsey and Graham Macklin (eds)

by Ralph Darlington

Alan Thornett

by Megan Trudell

Laurie Penny

by Jonny Jones

Nadia Idle and Alex Nunns (eds)


Living in the End Times - The Enigma of Capital - Surface Detail - My Monster Notebook

by Sian Ruddick

Director: Xavier Dolan
Release date: 27 May

by Jacqui Freeman

Director: Thomas McCarthy
Release date: 20 May

by Keira Brown

Director: Mahamat-Salet Haroun
Release date: 13 May

by Jonathan Dodds

Director: Oren Moverman
Release date: 20 May

by Phil Mellows

On tour

by Mark Harvey

National Theatre
Until 21 June

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

Until 4 September

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

Artocracy is an international art project led by the French artist JR and his collaborators.