Socialist Review issue

May 2012 #369

The politics of the Olympics


by Charlie Kimber

The results of the first round of the French presidential elections on 22 April were another sign of the deep political turmoil which sometimes...

by Terry Wrigley

As the Tories accelerate the drive for schools to become Academies,
Terry Wrigley looks at why local education authorities are being...


Brian Richardson

The London 2012 Olympics look set to be a jamboree of profiteering and nationalism. Brian Richardson recalls how past Olympics have been the site of struggles against racism

Dave Renton

When Seb Coe invited the International Olympic Committee to select London as hosts of the 2012 Games he justified the bid in simple terms. If London won, he promised, more people would take part...

Mark L Thomas

Respect's landslide by-election victory, which swept George Galloway back into parliament as the MP for Bradford West, sent shockwaves through the mainstream parties. Mark L Thomas looks at why...

Sara Bennett

Marxists are sometimes accussed of being dismissive of oppression, preferring to emphasise the importance of class. Sara Bennett explains why socialists argue for working class unity as the best...

Dominic Kavakeb, Mirfat Sulaiman

The Arab Spring is far from over. In the wake of controversy over the Formula One race, Dominic Kavakeb looks at the movement in Bahrain, while Mirfat Sulaiman considers the ongoing uprising in...


Letter from
by Brian O'Boyle

Brian O'Boyle considers the growing militant anti-austerity movement in Ireland

In my view column
by Riya Al'Sanah

Since 17 April 2012 (Palestinian Prisoners Day) a new wave of resistance has been launched by political prisoners in Israeli jails. Around 1,600 prisoners declared that they were starting an...

In my view column
by The Insider

This government just won't let up. Its latest wheeze is a plan to introduce "regional pay".

In perspective column
by Martin Empson

The panic that ensued when tanker drivers threatened to strike recently brought home the absolute centrality of oil to our modern economy.

In perspective column
by Colin Wilson

The death of Adrienne Rich leads Colin Wilson to recall the lesbian feminist politics of the 1980s

Revolutionary Lessons
by Estelle Cooch

Economy Class

Culture column
by Martin Smith
Is it just hype or is the new horror film Cabin in the Woods a gore fest, a butt clenching, genre defining classic as some claim? It was a dark rainy night when I along with four friends - Fred,...


Can We Talk About Racism? I enjoyed Despina Mavrou's "Dancing to the Wrong Tune" in last month's issue (Culture, Socialist Review, April 2012). As a trained dancer myself I looked at DV8's new...


by Richard Bradbury



by Jack Farmer

Hamid Dabashi

by Ruth Lorimer

David Harvey

by Amin Osman

Mary Harper

by Sinead Kirwan

Daniel A Gordon

by Julie Sherry

Maggie Craig

by Mette Hermansen

Eliane Glaser

by Mark Bergfeld

Edited by Elizabeth Humphrys, Guy Rundle and Tad Tietze

Classic reads
by Paul Lloyd

John Steinbeck, first published in 1939

by Ayodele Jabbaar

Director Kevin MacDonald

Release date: out now

by Sian Ruddick

Director Karl Markovics

Release date: out now

by Emma Davis

Director Heiko Lange

by Sarah Ensor

Director Sacha Wares

Young Vic, London, until 13 May

Art / Exhibitions
by Jonathan Dodds

Matt's Gallery, Mile End, London